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Post by Dan @ 11:55am 12/03/14 | 6 Comments
As the launch date for Diablo 3's Reaper of Souls expansion edges ever-closer, Blizzard has released another new video, this time showcasing the add-ons new character class, the Crusader.
Among the small townships of Sanctuary, rumors have surfaced of a battle-scarred warrior hailing from the eastern swamplands of Kehjistan. Clad in impenetrable armor and wielding a massive shield, it is said he is a member of a legendary holy order—one of the pious followers of Zakarum who have vowed to defend their faith against corruption and decay.

Brutally culling his foes with hardened steel and incinerating light, this mysterious wanderer has left a bloody westbound trail in his wake, signalling a slow, but steady advance towards the cursed town of New Tristram...
Find out all about Diablo's newest holy warrior in the video below, and make sure to catch up on our four part diary series from the Reaper of Souls closed beta test (parts one, two, three and four) if you missed it .

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls is due to land on March 25th 2014 for PC and Mac, and as part of the Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition "coming soon" to PlayStation 4.


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Latest Comments
Posted 09:49pm 12/3/14
I actually am excited for this after all the changes made to the base game.
Posted 12:46am 13/3/14
All the changes are freely available to existing D3, right?

Then Reaper of Souls is a purchaseable add-on?

I loaded up my D3 last night for the first time since giving up shortly after it came out, it downloaded an 8GB update and I'm sure it said it was Reaper of Souls.
Posted 10:08am 13/3/14
The crusader looks like my kind of class!
Posted 11:30am 13/3/14
Sheesh I can imagine the dialogue between him and the Templar! He'll probably lose his s*** at the Scoundrel haha.

All the changes are freely available to existing D3, right?

Then Reaper of Souls is a purchaseable add-on?

The changes that affect the 1-60 game are live now.

I think you'll need the expansion for Adventure mode. You need it for Crusader and Act V.
Posted 01:23pm 13/3/14
yeah i'm hooked on this again, i am genuinely blown away by the decision to remove the auction houses - i thought that was going to be their cash cow to pay for this game + make money and it was never going away

this game is all kinds of awesome now, part the way how it should have been at the start

the sneaky c**** have given me 2 legendary crafting components for items that you need to be level 70 to use and from a quick browse it seems they aren't hard to find, no doubt trying to egg on people into buying the expansion

i say part the way how it should have been at the start because if anyone can remember back to the release version of diablo 2 if got patched and was changed quite a bit to become what ended up being
Posted 01:33pm 13/3/14
Yeh a common sentiment is resentment that they should have done this to start with.

I get that, but they tried something different and Bliz gets bashed a bit for not experimenting. I had fun levelling in D3V when it came out and got my money's worth, AH-based gameplay just didn't work out so well as an end game premise. You can see why they thought it might have, lots of people traded in D2. But it failed.

There is a really large amount of work going into this expac so I can only applaud them for taking the time to revisit some core mistakes rather than just attaching a new class + act and calling it done like they could have. I'm hoping they continue to develop it and that Adventure mode (which sounds pretty solid) is a worthy starting point for the new D3 end game.
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