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Post by Eorl @ 01:04pm 08/03/14 | 19 Comments
Up to eight players will be able to roam freely through the multiplayer mode of Ubisoft's Watch Dogs, creative director Jonathan Morin confirmed in a tweet.

Following the announcement yesterday morning confirming that the open-world hacking title will finally be making its way to eager gamers come May 27th, Morin responded to a question on Twitter about how many players the multiplayer component would support.

Morin didn't elaborate on the somewhat random confirmation, and further details on what game modes will be available in the open-world multiplayer portion have yet to be revealed. Hopefully we'll be hearing more shortly when Ubisoft Montreal hosts a live Q&A via Twitch at 6AM AEST tomorrow, during which developers will answer questions about the game.

Watch Dogs will be available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One come May 27th. A Wii U version is slated to launch at a later date and has been delayed to give the team additional development time. If you happen to miss the news yesterday, you can find the recent story trailer below giving a glimpse at some new gameplay.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:26pm 08/3/14
I think you mean May 27th for the release date, not April 27th.
Posted 01:34pm 08/3/14
I think you mean May 27th for the release date, not April 27th.

Correct! Getting myself confused by all the Dark Souls and Watch Dogs talk.
Posted 03:55pm 08/3/14
Woah a whole 8...*acts astonished* lol
Posted 06:05pm 08/3/14
Woah a whole 8...*acts astonished* lol

In a few years time when we're playing 4 player MP games, you'll remember back to these golden times of 8 players.
Posted 07:58pm 08/3/14
Yeah, 8 player MP...thats so......underwealmingly......unimpressive......and they want money for it....
Posted 08:43pm 08/3/14
Has anyone looked at the release editions of this game? What the f***:
Those look like DLCs to me.
Posted 09:27pm 08/3/14
Yeah they do, but also wtf Standard Edition comes with a Chicago Map, but the Special and Vigilante dont? Looks like a good mess to me
Posted 10:47pm 08/3/14
and still more than titanfall
Posted 03:20am 09/3/14
^ isn't Titanfall 12 peeps?
Posted 09:18am 09/3/14
With all that gating of content, I won't be surprised when TB shows up to yell at them for being c****.
Posted 10:04am 09/3/14
Meanwhile I wont be wasting money on this or titanfall...DARKSOULS 2!!! :D Also StarCitizen Dogfighting next month wooo
Posted 10:18am 09/3/14
Yeah no Titanfall for me either. I don't trust anything that's earned over 50 awards before the beta came out.

"Leaked" this, and "leaked" that. Yeah yeah.
Posted 10:31am 09/3/14
titan is 6 per team isnt it?
Posted 10:41am 09/3/14
Posted 12:13pm 09/3/14
Yeah the rest are f*****g bots for no real reason but lazyness..they are basically idiotic cannon fodder
Posted 12:41pm 09/3/14
Yeah the rest are f*****g bots for no real reason but lazyness

If you actually played it, you'd know there are reasons, but I know the internet isn't a place for educated arguments so by all means, continue.

Anyway, seeing as this is actually a thread about Watch Dogs, lets talk about Watch Dogs. Isn't the multiplayer basically just the single player, but you get other people in your game messing with your hacks and stuff? If thats the case, a cap of 8 people is probably a good idea, or it would just get to the point where its chaos and you can't actually play the game anymore. I'll probably be turning it off anyway, while conceptually I like the idea of the hacker vs hacker stuff, it'd probably just piss me off when I'm trying to play through the game and people are continually trying to grief me.
Posted 01:10pm 09/3/14
Yeh i agree, I guess its like dark souls, it can turn chaotic. I think i will stick to SP on WD.
Posted 01:17pm 09/3/14
If thats the case, a cap of 8 people is probably a good idea, or it would just get to the point where its chaos and you can't actually play the game anymore.

Yeah but.. :P

Posted 11:21am 10/3/14
The number of players is kind of moot really.

I don't know what the limit of players is in GTA V but that seems pretty well balanced out playing that online.

I'm more interested in what you can 'do' with those other 7 players... co-op hiests?
Does it /actually/ play like the SP game 'with extra players'?

Will it be buggy as f*** and broken on launch?
Will there be any product support post launch?

Only time will tell.
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