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Post by Eorl @ 12:16pm 04/03/14 | 5 Comments
New Zealand indie developer Grinding Gear Games has today revealed new details on their first mini-expansion content patch, titled Sacrifice of the Vaal. The new content will serve as the first of many major content patches, with Grinding Gear Games hoping to push them out every four months for the free-to-play dungeon crawler Path of Exile.
The narcissistic Queen Atziri plunged the Vaal civilisation into a dark age of sacrifice and terror almost two thousand years ago. Millions died due to her obsessive pursuit of eternal youth, a pursuit that brought about a cataclysm that ended the Vaal civilisation overnight. But Atziri herself still lingers in a nightmare realm that is starting to leak back into the land of Wraeclast. Now, as the queen rises again, her corruption spreads throughout Wraeclast. Queen Atziri must be defeated.
While you'll be finding the new content peppered throughout the general Path of Exile world, Grinding Gear states on the official splash page that the final encounter with Queen Atziri and her minions is designed for high-level characters and requires a lot of skill to complete. In order to gain access to Atziri's lair, you must collect fragments from Vaal-influenced areas throughout Wraeclast. When combined in the Map Device, six portals to the Apex of Sacrifice are created.

Alongside the new story, the content expansion will see the addition of new boss monsters, two new PvP modes - Cuth-throat and Sarn Arena and new challenge leagues for players to have a fresh start. Of course like any loot-based game you'll also be seeing a range of new items, including a new method of corruption to items that will yield better stats but prevent later modification.

All of this and more can be found on the official splash page, which includes a complete run down on what you'll be experiencing in this brand new content patch, free to all users. A note from the developer can be found here on what cosmetic microtransactions will be making their way to the game come the patch.

Path of Exile: Sacrifice of the Vaal will be available come March 6th, free to all users.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:39pm 04/3/14
finally. This is a good game guys, if you liked Diablo 2 you will love this. It is what D3 should have been.
Posted 07:03pm 04/3/14
You clearly haven't played D3 since 2.0.1? You may be surprised....
Posted 07:08pm 04/3/14

PoE is awesome, best game ive played the last year. D3 is for people who dont want to think and play mindlessly; PoE is the thinking persons ARPG. in other words if your a muppet you wont survive or probably even like PoE.

flame on Bliz fan boi's :)
Posted 09:31pm 04/3/14
I don't recall flaming PoE at all? I was saying D3 has changed ALOT since the patch and that he may enjoy it more than he did that's all.

Chill out dude.
Posted 02:34pm 05/3/14
Sweet, been waiting for this one. Great game.
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