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Post by Eorl @ 02:29pm 28/02/14 | 4 Comments
bitComposer and Games Farm today announced Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, a new action RPG that follows on from the team's previous Heretic Kingdoms saga. In Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms, the mortal realm is on the brink of destruction, with humanity’s only hope resting in the hands of a soul-devouring demon. Oh and your ultimate mouse-clicking abilities.
Following the events of hack ’n’ slash RPG Kult: Heretic Kingdoms, a dark shadow has once again fallen over the world. The core element of Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is its internally conflicted main character and the associated unique party system. Players must assume the role of the Devourer, a mighty demon who can travel back and forth between the human and shadow world, devouring the souls of his enemies. Seamlessly switching between the Devourer and up to three party members, each with their own special abilities, provides strategic depth in battle, while switching between worlds also allows players to outwit their opponents in battle, avoiding traps and solving puzzles along the way.
You can find the announcement trailer below that is sure to fill your loot clicking needs. Shadows: Heretic Kingdoms is set for release on PC sometime during 2014.

Buy now from Green Man Gaming for only GBP£22.99 (USD$27.99 on Steam)!
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Posted 04:01pm 28/2/14
I've been a gamer since when Commodore 64 days. I found my gaming tastes generally spread across all genres. Lately, I find myself completely focused solely on RPG and ARPG games like this. It is so good to see this genre making such a strong comeback and statement across indie and AAA developers. Good stuff.
Posted 10:34pm 28/2/14
I think that wins worst voice over all time...
Posted 02:43am 01/3/14
Lol that is terrible voice over, terribly edited and a weird. Even the writing/script is weird as hell. Is this a comedy? Because it sure as hell seems like it.
Posted 09:31am 01/3/14
I watched the trailer at work with no sound. Let me check it out now lol
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