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Post by Dan @ 11:06am 28/02/14 | 0 Comments
As Sony Online Entertainment has developed sandbox creation MMO Everquest Next Landmark as a separate game client and game world from its more traditional MMO counterpart Everquest Next, there is a lot less need to keep its mechanics grounded in the boundaries of a usual fantasy RPG.

Because the primary goals of Everquest Next Landmark are Minecraft-esque resource gathering and construction, as opposed to the usual MMORPG questing and monster hunting, its creators have been able to implement several systems to improve freedom of movement, one of which is a grappling hook.

The latest video in SEO's Building Blocks trailer series demonstrates how players can use the grappling hook to get around quick and access those hard to reach places with ease. Check it out below.

Everquest Next Landmark is currently in alpha testing and expected to launch as a free-to-play title later this year on both PC and PlayStation 4.

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