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Post by Eorl @ 10:26am 27/02/14 | 4 Comments
While Carbine Studios' upcoming MMO may still be shrouded in beta NDA's and untold mysteries, the team has today offered up a new sneak preview of what they dub "UI 2.0", a revisioning of their most basic UI elements thanks in-part to the beta feedback.

Of the major complaints and feedback that Carbine has received, the UI was a tall contender for change. Originally featuring what the team call a “Pyramid” Experience - whereby the UI was centered at the bottom of the screen and elements were stacked on top of each other - the new UI intends to spread these out, offering both clearer space and visual ease. An example given was the Engineer class, whose screen space saw the old UI take up a whopping 26%, which almost always required zooming the camera out in order improve combat mobility.

As you can see from the visual representation below, the UI has changed dramatically in offering more screen space to see the actual game while also retaining much needed character information. One of the major changes is the target feedback being moved down into the play space, something Carbine were initially hesitant of.

"You'll notice we also addressed the disconnected target feedback by moving it down into the play space. The play space is very important and we are always hesitant to add UI content there. In this case, though, we believe you have more space overall despite the changes. We also further reduced the height of the pyramid by putting a symmetrical target frame on the left side dedicated to displaying your own information.

This makes it very easy to compare your vitals with your targets. And if you don't like our default placement? Both of these windows can be moved wherever you wish! In the end, the space around your character should feel more open, yet contain the information you need without having to move your eyes to the opposite edges of the screen."

Check it out in action below, and head over to the blog post for further explanations of what you can expect in the revamped UI 2.0 system. Those lucky enough to have scored themselves a weekend beta key will be able to jump into the game this weekend starting Saturday morning for us Australians.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:31am 27/2/14
I had to double check the thread, I thought the models looked like WoW ones..
Posted 10:54am 27/2/14
Much nicer.
Posted 10:59am 27/2/14
Does anyone have a spare key at all? Seems to be hard to get an invite these days.
Posted 11:16am 27/2/14
SO much better, kudos. Target frame works better down there too, with it up at the top of the screen all by itself I found myself never even looking at it most of the time, or forgetting it was even there.
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