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Post by Dan @ 12:17pm 26/02/14 | 6 Comments
Totem Arts has kicked off open beta testing for Renegade X, marking a huge milestone for the indie project that started life as a mod and is now a bonafide game in its own right. Inspired by the strategy-infused first person shooter gameplay of the ill-fated Command & Conquer Renegade, Renegade X brings the base building, Mammoth Tank driving multiplayer action into a modern aesthetic with Unreal Engine:
Renegade X is not a direct remake of C&C Renegade. Yes, you will see familiar maps, characters, weapons, and vehicles - the fundamentals of the game are the same. But, no weapon is identical to the way it was before. Certain vehicles play quite differently (Artillery, MRLS, Mammoth Tank, Apache, Orca, Transport). A moderate amount of recoil and weapon spread has been given to guns (and you'll see why). The graphics, audio, and physics have received a complete overhaul. Secondary weapons and new items have been added. Capturable buildings have been added. There's so much that is different - but keep in mind that we are die-hard Renegade fans, and we are very careful with the things we change.
Read the full heartwarming blog post for full details on the beta launch, and download the game client locally from AusGamers (1.6GB).

Latest Comments
Posted 12:37pm 26/2/14
Phwoar! Renegade was actually pretty fun, buggy, and unbalanced and rough around the edges, but pretty fun
Posted 01:55pm 26/2/14
That actually looks cool
Posted 02:01pm 26/2/14
I'll give this a bash. Renagedes was indeed fun back in the day. I still remember quite well sneakup an overpass and sitting there waiting for an enemy mammoth tank to stop for repairs.. driver gets out starts repairing... I jump down and steal it hahahaah

Flame tanks were fun too.
Posted 02:06pm 26/2/14
Phwore, it does look good. Does Ausgamers have a server up? Nevermind ('node) has one it seems.

last edited by Tollaz0r! at 14:06:30 26/Feb/14
Pablitos Way
Posted 09:43pm 05/3/14
Been playing it a bit, not bad actually for a free game.
Posted 02:04pm 06/3/14
are there a lot of people and servers?
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