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Post by Eorl @ 10:11am 25/02/14 | 12 Comments
Ahead of Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall release come March 13th, Microsoft has announced a new Xbox One console bundle that will include the mech first-person shooter, all for just $599.
Heralded as the “next generation of gaming” and a “killer app” for Xbox One, the excitement and anticipation for “Titanfall” has been building not just amongst gamers, but also among the Xbox team. We bet big on “Titanfall” from the beginning and Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts were tremendous partners to our team as we developed Xbox One.

In many ways, the launch of “Titanfall” will enable us to deliver the first truly next generation multiplayer game – one that will take advantage of the new party and chat improvements we’re delivering, build on the power of the cloud in a way only Microsoft can, and connect fans on Xbox Live, home of the best multiplayer and service in gaming. With Xbox One, we invested in features like multiplayer alerts so you never miss a match while watching TV and so much more.
Included in the bundle alongside a digital copy of Titanfall is one month of Xbox Live, the console itself, a standard controller and a wired headset. Sadly the console itself isn't the branded Titanfall one that has previously been rumoured, but hopefully we'll hear more on that bundle shortly.

In related Xbox One news, Microsoft has also announced the first price cut for the console, with the UK's standard bundle price now dropping from £429.99 to £399.99 come February 28th. Hopefully we'll hear about some more local price dropping in the future, but for now the Titanfall bundle definitely offers a nice price point.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:21am 25/2/14
Pretend I don't have a clue what Titanfall is (I don't, other than hearing about it everywhere), ELI5. What makes this game so significant or worth the attention it's getting?
Posted 10:30am 25/2/14
not much really

it's basically call of duty + mechs
Posted 10:33am 25/2/14
it'sblah basicallyblah callblah of duty + blah mechs

Posted 10:39am 25/2/14
Pretend I don't have a clue what Titanfall is (I don't, other than hearing about it everywhere), ELI5. What makes this game so significant or worth the attention it's getting?

Call of Duty meets Mirrors Edge with mechs minus the shitty kill-streaks.
Posted 10:40am 25/2/14
don't get me wrong, it's not bad. the mechs can be game changing when your team's getting beaten

they can also get smashed if there is only one mech around and a bunch of enemies without them, when you first get in one you feel safe but it doesn't take too much and you're bailing out of it
Posted 01:53pm 25/2/14
Nuclear Explosion + Auto Eject with Cloak ftw
Posted 01:56pm 25/2/14
I was finding that I kept getting pilots on my back in the mech, that electric cloud was awesome for taking care of them
Posted 02:25pm 25/2/14
Yes the electric cloud also distorts vision of titans (And pilots as far as i know) so it's really handy.
Posted 02:34pm 25/2/14
You know what else would be handy?

Local servers.
Posted 02:36pm 25/2/14
I was playing with a ping of 60ms, still wont buy it though. Trash imo.
Posted 05:37pm 25/2/14
I was playing with a ping of 60ms

Posted 05:39pm 25/2/14
It's only the hype train calling Titalfall "the next gen of gaming" and "a killer app".

It's another average shooter with basically no recoil on the weapons, maps that are pretty small and feel empty (despite the dumber-than-rocks AI scattered everywhere), rounds that are over in 5 minutes plus the gimmick of titans is basically just that.

Titans, as far as I could tell, just felt like you were controlling a character from Mass Effect. You can't jump, but you can take a pounding. It doesn't feel very mechy and stompy.

The thing I DID like was the ability to put your titan on auto-pilot while you got out and capped / ran for the escape shuttle.
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