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Post by Eorl @ 02:57pm 21/02/14 | 6 Comments
With only two weeks to go until Obsidian's upcoming South Park: The Stick of Truth RPG, some may still be wondering just what exactly this newest RPG has to offer to the mass. At first glance it looks like any normal episode from the TV show, but diving in deeper we can see that Obsidian's RPG background has helped flesh out a unique look into the world of South Park, complete with its dark humour and hilarious jokes.

To give us his thoughts on just what South Park: The Stick of Truth has to offer is our own Stephen Farrelly, who happened to get a chance to try out their take on the cult classic cartoon.
It’s difficult for me to sit on the fence though, because I’m a massive fan of the series and especially of the quality of writing and the presentation over the past 10 seasons, but as a huge fan I can tell you they’ve hit every beat. The game reeks of Matt and Trey’s heavy involvement and that it’s interactive in RPG form the way that it is, just makes that much more appealing.
Find out his full thoughts in our South Park: The Stick of Truth preview.

Latest Comments
Posted 03:05pm 21/2/14
This game on PC + Steam Streaming to TV will be win. Not sure how I'll like it not on the Big TV and I'm in the in the steam streaming beta yet :(
Posted 03:49pm 21/2/14
Being a huge SP fan and given that the game looks and sounds just like the tv series, I think just the sheer interaction factor alone will be a cool buzz. I'm keen as....
Posted 12:59pm 22/2/14
I can't wait for this!
Steve Farrelly
Posted 01:36pm 22/2/14
I need to watch GoT Season 3 so I can finish Season 17 of South Park so I can fully understand all of the top-end content the main story will offer.

And stat!
Posted 02:59pm 24/2/14
South Park Episodes are 21minutes, really not that much of a struggle to watch a entire Season in short period.
Posted 10:57pm 24/2/14
he doesn't even need to watch the whole season. only eps 7,8 and 9 have anything to do with GoT.

it was a fantastic 3-parter. the end of ep 9 was fucking gold.
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