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Post by Dan @ 11:12am 20/02/14 | 8 Comments
Like we saw with Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 developer DICE is rolling out some 'shortcut kits' that will allow players to essentially purchase in-game weapon unlocks to catch up with others that have been playing longer. As part of the game's Player Appreciation month however, the first couple of short cut kits are being offered up for a cool $0.

As outline in this Battlefield Blog post, the first kits are now up for grabs:
One of the many giveaways during the Battlefield 4 Player Appreciation Month are the Shortcut Kits, voluntary bundles that will unlock various weapons for Battlefield 4 (the base game), allowing you to make up for lost time, or just catch up if you’re new to the game. The Shortcut Kits are now available for download at no cost for a limited time.

Battlefield 4 Premium members will get access to two special Shortcut Kits, on top of two other Shortcut Kits accessible to all Battlefield 4 owners. See below for the handout schedule.

February 18 to February 24
Shortcut Kit: Hand Guns
Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: DMR’s

February 25 to March 4
Shortcut Kit: Grenades
Battlefield 4 Premium Shortcut Kit: Shotguns
The availability of the shortcut kits follows yesterday's launch of the overdue Second Assault downloadable content expansion for Battlefield 4 Premium owners on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4, giving Battlefield 4 owners a couple of good reasons to fire up the game again.

(compare all prices)

Latest Comments
Posted 04:29pm 20/2/14
Thanks DICE!

I am really enjoying all those new downloadable crashes and bugs that I paid for!
Posted 05:36pm 20/2/14

Getting a mixture of server, client crashes and lag monster smackdowns (new maps mainly). Im still going strong but its seems to be getting quieter.
Posted 07:07pm 20/2/14
game is a f*****g joke
Posted 07:13pm 20/2/14
Step1 Build a sequel.
Step2 Take premium preorders.
Step3 Ruin sequel.
Step4 Profit
Step5 Offer free unlocks and member appreciation weekends.

Edit: the BF3/BF2 maps are fun but where is Strike at Karkand ffs
Posted 08:22pm 20/2/14
Its not like people didn't know it was going to be like this. Since Battlefield 1942 EA/DICE have had these problems. Released buggy...remained buggy.
Posted 07:17am 21/2/14
Things are pretty stable for me at the moment, no crashes. Free unlocks are cool too.

I got my Pistol Shortcut but not my DMR one. :(
Posted 12:11pm 21/2/14
I got the DMRs shortcut....still yet to play with them I'm only at a paltry lvl 12 as I don't get much time for gaming.
Posted 12:26pm 21/2/14
Apparently I've played BF4 for 84 hours and I still don't have a fkn shotgun. Too much time in the littlebird
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