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Post by Eorl @ 02:32pm 19/02/14 | 7 Comments
Blizzard has revealed new information on just what changes will be making their way to the PvP side of things when it comes to World of Warcraft's fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Among the changes include reintroducing skirmishes and adding a spectator option for PvP mode War Game, the developer announced via

Originally available alongside the structured Arena playstyle, Skirmishes will be reintroduced as "unranked" Arena play, allowing players to queue for 2v2 or 3v3 battles to win Honor and a random bonus of gold, Conquest Points or more.
"We think this will be a great way for players who haven’t tried Arenas before to get their feet wet, and will allow experienced players to experiment with alternate specs or builds without worrying about tanking their rating," reads the blog post.
The other main change to PvP is the introduction of the Spectator Invite System, which will simplify the process it previously took to piece together a "spectator mode". This new mode will allow Blizzard to officially support eSports organisers, while also opening up support for add-on developers to create unique tools for tournament organizers to customize how the match is presented on the screen.

In addition to the new system, a new Arena mode known as "War Game" will also be introduced, pitting two teams together to fight for glory. This new mode will come with Tournament Mode gear — a special set of gear that can only be used in War Games — to help tournament runners ensure that all players are on equal footing.

"We’re excited for these new features, and we feel they’ll allow a much broader spectrum of players to be able to find a type of PvP gameplay they enjoy. Whether you’re looking to compete against the best of the best in a tournament or just want to hang out and relax with a little bloodshed, we hope these updates provide something for the PvPer in you."

Latest Comments
Posted 03:25pm 19/2/14
Apparently the 90 boost was accidentally live on the store for a bit after the latest patch went live too, and it looks like its going to cost $60. Makes sense, about the same price as buying a copy of the game, and ensures it wont get too overly abused.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 03:35pm 19/2/14
Never been keen on the "level boosting". Back when they had the recruit a friend I did this (many years ago) and got a toon leveled to 60. No gear, no idea how to play that class and hours spent on the talent tree trying to work it out.
Posted 03:42pm 19/2/14
Yeah, thats the main problem I can see coming from it too, people boosting to 90 and just being slammed in the face by this overwhelming array of abilities and talents that they have no idea how to use. I mean I'm even experienced with the game, and when I RAF'd a warlock to 80 I found it pretty overwhelming jumping and trying to figure everything out; I can't imagine what it'd be like for someone new or someone coming back who hasn't played for a while. I think when you boost a character you get mailed a set of level appropriate gear now at least, and they talked at Blizzcon about implementing a small kind of instanced experience/tutorial you'd play through as a newly boosted 90 to learn what your abilities do, but that doesn't seem to have happened.
Reverend Evil
Posted 03:49pm 19/2/14
If Blizz were smart they could find the most common rotations for each class and have it set to that when you get a fresh 90. Make it a bit easier.
Posted 04:24pm 19/2/14
I have been on and off WoW since BC. I have purchased all the big 'WoW killer' mmo's over the years too, some of which are actually good games. Whatever other MMO's come out, I always find myself coming back to WoW. Like it or hate it, it just does everything so right in this genre. Looks like I'm lining up for another WoW expac and looking forward to it too.
Posted 04:35pm 19/2/14
the 'learning how to play your class while you level' thing has never really meant much to me, most people don't really learn to maximise their class whether they levelled it themselves or not, and those that do, do the learning and optimisation for that post-90 anyway, and they also do it again post-90 each patch where their class gets reworked as well

the class-specific stuff you learn while levelling is really an insignificant part of it
Posted 04:45pm 19/2/14
Yeah, I guess its not so much learning, as just getting the abilities distributed out along an even curve. Like you get a new ability, and you got a few levels to play with it and get used to it before getting the new one. Like the problem I had with my lock was I went and read up on the best ways to play demo, but half the stuff I was reading made no sense cos I wasn't familiar with the names of the different abilities or what procced what, just made it a steeper curve than it would otherwise be. Not a c***block by any means, but I could see it turning off a more casual player.
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