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Post by Dan @ 10:25am 17/02/14 | 14 Comments
Following a few days of limited registration Respawn Entertainment, EA have announced that the Titanfall beta on Xbox One is now open to all comers, as the developer aims to stress test the stability of its dedicated server hosting on Microsoft's Azure cloud services platform.

While the PC version of the game still currently requires a registered beta key, Zampella has since confirmed via Twitter that they hope to open it up as well, "maybe tomorrow" (source), after they "see how peak goes today with open beta on #XboxOne" (source).

Originally scheduled to end on Feb 18th PST, Respawn has indicated that they will likely be extending it for "at least a day" (source) to make up for some previous downtime.

Unfortunately, there's still no word from Microsoft as to when its planned Azure Datacentres are expected to open in Victoria or New South Wales, leaving Australians connecting to Titanfall servers in Singapore as the closest available option.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:32pm 17/2/14
From their Twitters:

Data servers are slammed! Apologies for those trying to get in, doing our best to improve wait times (& more servers will be up at launch)

— Respawn (@Respawn) February 17, 2014
Posted 01:37pm 17/2/14
Hopefully you guys can get an answer on when the aus servers will be ready.
Posted 01:59pm 17/2/14
i read they're not due to be completed until Q4.
Posted 02:55pm 17/2/14

The aus servers are tied to the MS azure data centre being completed...

Posted 02:57am 18/2/14
Yeh, it's all Azure and thus totally dependent on MSFT. My post above was really meant to indicate that even on a small scale beta the Azure network can't handle the load so imagine how fun the retail release will be.
Posted 04:05am 18/2/14
From their Twitters:

So it's EA and Sim City all over again.

When are game devs going to learn that independently run, dedicated servers are the ONLY way to handle the massive amounts of traffic? Money grubbing assholes who want to control us all by shutting off the services and forcing you to their new games after a year, that's all it is.

I was actually considering getting this (since BF4 is so fucking broken) but nope, screw it. Not any more.
Posted 09:19am 18/2/14
Same here Whoop, maybe they will learn from their mistakes..... nah
Posted 09:30am 18/2/14
i played it last night and was getting 180ms ping, the game is ok, but nothing i would pay money on
Posted 09:37am 18/2/14
i played it last night and was getting 180ms ping, the game is ok, but nothing i would pay money on

pretty much my exact sentiments as well
Posted 10:25am 18/2/14
Shockingly, I"m having a blast.

No pun(s) intended.
Posted 10:28am 18/2/14
yeah I'm thoroughly enjoying it. the free-running makes it imo. reluctant to give EA the money though. I'll probably hold out until there's at least Australian servers. Hopefully by then CD key prices will have dropped.

Is there a decent alternative to Titanfall? Not fussed about the titans themselves but more the pilot gameplay.
Posted 10:44am 18/2/14
I played yesterday for a couple of hours on the PC (got a beta key from a mate who works at Halfbrick) and was getting a consistant 150ms ping, the game seemed smooth. It was surprisingly heaps of fun, good weapon balance, upgrades etc. The beta is capped at lvl 14 for XP and they only have one Titan Chasis (Atlas) and two maps but its a very cool game. Reminds me a little of Tribes with the jet assisted jumping.
Posted 02:40am 19/2/14
got it on xbox 1 today. had a great time playing. that last titan standing is my favourite mode so far.
Posted 02:11pm 19/2/14
Just finished playing my forth match.

Had a average ping of 130 so lag was a little bit.

Over all .. not too bad. As long you aren't getting smashed by folks who are all level 14 while you are level 1-4.

Probably not full price game but I would consider it later in the year when they get Aussie servers going.
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