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Post by Dan @ 04:03pm 13/02/14 | 2 Comments
As its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign pushes into its final week, Warhorse has released another new feature showcase for the ambitious open world medieval game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. As had been promised, this one is all about the game's combat, with an intense focus on the authenticity of the melee combat of the era.
Good combat mechanics is at the heart of every RPG and we are very proud of ours. It's based on real-time collision detection and inverse kinematics; technologies that were difficult to use for game-critical mechanics on previous generation hardware. The result is a combat experience that looks and feels believable and natural, yet is not constrained to few sets of canned animations that have to be executed in perfect synchronization. The system seamlessly integrates things like interaction with environments, different heights of opponents or uneven terrain. Our combat is a blend of tactics and timing, skills of the player and stats of the character.
The twelve minute clip is heavy on developer commentary, but has plenty of lush in-game demonstrations of the various combat implementations, which involve a wide range of medieval weaponry and siege equipment. Check it out.

Latest Comments
Posted 09:48pm 13/2/14
Ive done sword fighting for years, how can they say this is authentic? There is so many things wrong with the motion of fighting and the intensity and speed. Its like watching to grandpas fight with swords who are immortal.
Posted 06:01pm 14/2/14
what the fuck, i cant even watch the first 30 seconds of that video without feeling like I'm drunk. learn to use a fucking tripod.
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