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Post by Eorl @ 03:46pm 12/02/14 | 7 Comments
WildStar developer Carbine Studios has unleashed a new trailer today, showing off just what players will be able to get up to as they adventure across the lands of Nexus.

To help guide the video along is the somewhat crazy Caretaker, who lends a hand in explaining just how open-ended your choices are when it comes to questing, offering a greater sense of choosing your own adventure of sorts.

Check it out in action below, and if you haven't yet you can still sign yourself up to the beta in hopes of receiving a key. WildStar is planning to launch sometime during 2014 for Windows and Mac.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:12pm 12/2/14
I am ridiculously excited for Wildstar. All of their dev speak videos are so well done and enjoyable to watch.
Posted 06:01pm 12/2/14
I like how much character everything has, so many MMOs going for that 'realistic' tone, like ESO or Guild Wars 2 or even Sw:Tor or back to the days of AoC, where the graphical fidelity is cranked up, but everything is just dull and gritty and animations are stiff and constrained. This just looks so in your face and big and bombastic and exaggerated, I love the style, it just looks really fun.
Posted 06:17pm 12/2/14
You gotta give props to the animators, they have done an amazing job on making the characters actually feel alive. I reckon you would like this one Khel, got the WoW vanilla vibe coming from it.
Posted 08:06pm 12/2/14
Have a stress test key for this weekend, am very keen to give this a rip.
Posted 01:33pm 15/2/14
A dungeon run in Wildstar, I'm actually getting pretty interested in this now, its looking great.

Posted 01:38pm 15/2/14
Shows off some of the more interesting things they're doing with telegraphed attacks as well, instead of just the normal frontal cones I've seen in most other wildstar gameplay vids. Also good to see its got stuff like nameplates and combat text and target marking ready to go (unlike ESO).
Posted 01:54pm 15/2/14
Khel, it has A LOT of UI options. I'm so overwhelmed with how much you can actually do in this game, and at no point have I felt bad about having so much information. It also does really well in easing the player into everything, providing great tutorials and detailed information. Think I found my next MMO.
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