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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 12:07am 12/02/14 | 2 Comments
AusGamers was recently invited out to a hands-on preview session for Turtle Rock's Evolve where we were also being coached by some of the game's developers and producers, but were mainly just trying to slay the alien beast or, as the alien beast, slay the humans.

As a natural evolution to the studio's much-loved Left 4 Dead, Evolve takes co-op and multiplayer into entirely new realms with fun and engaging results, particularly where playing as the alien creature is concerned. We didn't get to play any more than a single map or with any other creatures, but all the human classes and the alien that was on-hand proved more than enough to invite us into this exciting new world.

Click here for our full hands-on preview with Evolve.

(We'll have an interview with Turtle Rock incoming soon, too. So stay tuned.)

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Posted 08:50am 12/2/14
Oh look a game where there is only a 5 player multiplayer limit, this would be so much better if it was 64 players... /sarcasm.

Good write up looking forward to this game I love a good Co-op game, any word whether this will support steam workshop?

Imagine a mod set in medieval times where the 4 heroes have to slay a player controlled Dragon, or a Predator mod where the marines have to kill a predator stalking you in the jungles.
Posted 06:29am 18/2/14
The many human vs one human could work very well. Actually reminds me of the Source mod, The Hidden, where you have one player controlling a barely visible, wall climbing human 'experiment', with all the other played a security force trying to take the Hidden down.

Had some really intense moments, especially when the Hidden manage to take your squad down to 2-3 people, and taunted the hell out of them. I'd love to see some smaller, agile 'stealth' bosses in this game, instead of bosses being huge and super tanky.
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