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Post by Eorl @ 03:59pm 04/02/14 | 15 Comments
Within two days of being revealed alongside the impressive CGI trailer, Zenimax Online's physical Imperial Collector's Edition for their upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMO has sold out across Australia.

The physical edition was being sold exclusively by EB Games, and included a 30.5 cm statue featuring Daedric Prince Molag Bal. A store representative told AusGamers that the edition "was quickly sold out by Saturday 1st across the nation", and it looks like the same has happened worldwide with a number of stores no longer stocking the edition.

Those who may have missed out on the physical package can still grab themselves the digital Imperial Edition, though sadly without the physical goodies. This is available for order through the game's official website, priced at AUD $119.95 / NZD $129.95, with both physical and digital also qualifying for 5 day early access if pre-ordered plus other pre-order digital items.

The Elder Scrolls Online will be available first on PC and Mac come April 4th, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions expected sometime later in the year. You can check out the unboxing video below showing off the physical edition in its glory.

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:16pm 04/2/14
hey eorl, your 'offical website' link gets an ausgamers 404.

i am so hoping eso will be good. i have pre-ordered the digital imperial edition.. got a buddy who is keen to play some co-op.

i hope the monthly fee isn't too high either!
Posted 04:19pm 04/2/14
pre ordering games in this day and age? why?
Posted 04:23pm 04/2/14
Ah ta Demon, all fixed! The monthly fee is $15 as is standard with most MMOs :)
Posted 05:08pm 04/2/14
so is this going to kill the franchise?

what do you guys think of the actual gameplay?
Posted 05:11pm 04/2/14
One of the inclusions if you pre-order:

30 Days of Included Game Time

ESO Subscription required. After your initial 30 days, a subscription will cost $15.00 AUD per month.

That confirms the 15 a month. Nice to know it's 15 AUD, and not USD like WoW.
Posted 05:31pm 04/2/14
Just preordered the imperial edition for $84 on GMG with the 20% off code PH4V4F-33PTVI-5HXNWG
Posted 05:36pm 04/2/14
$15.00 AUD is a nice figure, hate the sub fees being USD, is this also in line with the US market?

so is this going to kill the franchise?

I wouldn't say this would kill the franchise, but I can't see another Elder Scrolls game coming out after this for sometime. Elder Scrolls have all been RPG games, ESO is an MMORPG, Warcraft was an RTS that Blizzard turned into an MMORPG which some would argue has killed the franchise as a result. Blizzard have said they have no desire for a new Warcraft RTS while WoW is still active they have StarCraft for that.

Skyrim has years of life left in it with the Workshop mods, Fallout is due for a new open world RPG which would scratch the Elder Scrolls itch for those not interested in the MMORPG, Bethesda also have that horror game they are working on as well so they are definitely busy.
Posted 06:16pm 04/2/14
Fallout is due for a new open world RPG which would scratch the Elder Scrolls itch for those not interested in the MMORPG, Bethesda also have that horror game they are working on as well so they are definitely busy.

I'd go for a Fallout MMORPG with a huge Zombie zone..It would kill DayZ.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 06:23pm 04/2/14
I'll sell my physical Imperial edition for One million dollars!
Posted 09:33pm 04/2/14
want to play it....

but I suck at games these days and making my hacks/mods might get me banned
Posted 11:52pm 04/2/14
apparently the NDA for the media beta lifts this friday, so hopefully we get some nice info and footage from the game.
Posted 10:44am 05/2/14
Does anyone know if it's possible to buy the standard edition, and upgrade to the Imperial down the track?
Posted 11:07am 05/2/14
For an mmorpg with a sub, the initial price is a bit steep.
Posted 11:18am 05/2/14
For an mmorpg with a sub, the initial price is a bit steep.

yeah the digital copies are quite expensive, I'm not sure how much I paid for the physical collectors ed. of cataclysm but I don't think it was as expensive as the Digital copies of this game.

I am glad to see people supporting the paid + sub model, its a model I have always supported. so more power to them, personally I have never really been a big fan of Elder Scrolls but I still want it to succeed if only to show that people will pay for a good game and that wow is not the anomaly as far as subscription model goes. TBH if after release people give the game good reviews / there is good end game content then I might give it a go my self.
Posted 11:21am 05/2/14
id imagine that like previous paid to play games like this that the price of entry will go down - a lot - after a few months and the shiny begins to rub off
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