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Post by Dan @ 04:19pm 03/02/14 | 4 Comments
Two weeks ago, Joab Gilroy took us through the basics of DayZ, and last week, explored some of the nuances of post-apocalyptic combat. This week's DayZ Standalone Video Diary entry takes a different approach, explaining some of the many reasons why you're frequently better off avoiding gunplay during confrontations with other players in the wasteland.

Watch the new video diary entry embedded below (here for the 720p stream or here for a 1080p download) and be sure to drop your thoughts on the game or our video series in the Comments below. You can also click through to watch part one and part two.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:36pm 03/2/14
aw Joojoo next time we run up against you and your crew im sure we will just try to rob you rather than murder everyone. Because you asked nice. Unless someone needs another ear to complete their necklace.

A good ep and i like the message. The issue we have had is that we get the drop on someone and order them to hold still and put their hands up and they just sprint away. You cant have people just running off and potentially following you and causing mischief so we whack em.

Also after a few encounters where you try to rob people, only to be gunned down for whatever reason, dampens your faith in the whole "lets try to do this without bloodshed" idea.
Posted 06:00pm 03/2/14
f*** that. I treat it like walking dead now, except without the retard part that gets most of them killed.
Posted 06:42pm 03/2/14
I have avoided people in game. It also helps I play on low pop servers. Still no rifles, pistols or shotguns, just my trusty splitting axe. I do have a speed loader for the revolver and a muzzle break for the Mossin. Found a backpack too finally.
Posted 06:44pm 03/2/14
go to one of the inland airfields for some guns and jump on high pop server Bladerunner, your missing out on so much fun playing on low pop.
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