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Post by Dan @ 11:10am 30/01/14 | 42 Comments
The hotly anticipated multiplayer only shooter from the former Call of Duty stewards at Respawn Entertainment is due to launch on March 13 2014 around the globe, but it's looking increasingly unlikely that there will be any servers for the game hosted locally in Australia.

Kotaku Aus picked up on this discussion from the developer's official forums where some uncertain comments reportedly from Respawn Community manager Abbie Heppe fall just short of concluding that Aussie or New Zealand players won't have access to local servers, with a Singapore data centre probably being the closest port of call.

Titanfall has been one of the games more heavily promoting its use of the cloud services that Microsoft has been touting as a major feature for the Xbox One, which are supposedly offered as an included benefit to developers creating games on the new Xbox platform.

As we understand it, because of its Xbox One roots, Respawn has geared the entire multiplayer architecture on all platforms around Microsoft's Azure Cloud services, but while Microsoft has announced plans for Azure datacentres in both New South Wales and Victoria, they're not online yet, and don't look likely to be in time for the game's March 13 launch.

Comments from Microsoft made to Lifehacker, suggested that Australian Azure data centres could be open before the end of 2014, but there's been no word on progress since their announcement late last year.

As a multiplayer-only game, and a fast-paced shooter, Titanfall will depend heavily on low latency connectivity for a good gameplay experience. With ping times from Australian to Singapore in the vicinity of 120ms, not even the best client prediction can smooth out frustrating mismatches between what you and your opponents see when a virtual rocket is fired from your mechanised exoskeleton. If the expected beta test kicks off in a few weeks, at least there will be an opportunity to try before you buy.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:17am 30/1/14
Sometimes PC is just better. Wait a minute, is the PC version going to have standalone servers??
Posted 11:30am 30/1/14
Sometimes PC is just better. Wait a minute, is the PC version going to have standalone servers??

Why do you need standalone servers when you have the infinite power of the Cloud™ ... but yeah, no standalone servers. PC just got the same Xbone deal.

I'm assuming this is how Microsoft got the exclusive Titanfall deal by offering Azure servers. I'm definitely not picking this one up on PC while there are no servers in Australia ... what an absolute joke.
Posted 11:42am 30/1/14
so it will pretty much be unplayable?

hope they're forced to state that on the game case.
Posted 12:16pm 30/1/14
so it will pretty much be unplayable?

hope they're forced to state that on the game case.

Well they did say they were influenced by Quake ... maybe they're trying to re-create the feel of a true 56k modem shooter.
Posted 12:53pm 30/1/14
Well, there's no point in buying this any time soon then.
Posted 03:30pm 30/1/14
Yep, why would any Australian buy this now?
Posted 03:41pm 30/1/14
Yep, why would any Australian buy this now?

Well because the lack of servers won't be advertised anywhere outside of specialty gaming websites.
Posted 05:07pm 30/1/14

And i doubt any EB or similar staff member is going to mention it when trying to sell the game to some unknowing noob.
Posted 06:26pm 30/1/14
So we pay a higher price for this product only to be missing a key aspect lol
Posted 06:34pm 30/1/14
I think its more than a key aspect, I got the impression theres pretty much no offline single player mode to the game, that even the campaign is online multiplayer? If thats the case, theres basically no reason at all to buy it anymore.
Posted 07:00pm 30/1/14
but it will sell like hotcakes because people have already demonstrated they're willing to pay big money for broken, half working or crippled games. You'll see. mark my words. It. Will. Sell.
Posted 10:54pm 30/1/14
go here to check your latency to the azure servers:

i'm averaging 195ms to singapore.
Posted 11:13pm 30/1/14
130ms for me, halve that and it is on the upper reaches of playable.
Posted 12:23am 31/1/14
Titanfall, more like Titanfail...


Seriously they should not sell this game in Australia if this is the case.
Posted 12:32am 31/1/14
158ms according to that test site. Literally unplayable with a twitch-based shooter, hell any shooter really. Really hope this is just a temporary situation as I was really looking forward to playing the game, looked pretty fun and hectic.
Posted 12:50am 31/1/14
One would have to ask if there won't be any Australian Servers why are they releasing it here. Further, why is AG even bothering with any more news on the title.
Posted 01:23am 31/1/14
267ms to Singapore from Melbourne. Hahhahah

Posted 10:07pm 01/2/14
Oh. That's really too bad, I was looking forward to playing this game...I really was!

But as an NZ player, no Aus servers for an online competitive shooter = not even going to bother.
Posted 12:03am 02/2/14
Yeah if Ausgamers review it, and there are no Aussie servers at review time the game better be scored to reflect, provided a 200ms ping to hurts the game of which you would think so. Calling it, 5/10.

Posted 02:17pm 03/2/14
That's a shame. I was looking forward to this game.

Posted 11:48am 05/2/14
so, are there dedicated servers or similar? or is it going to be p2p with the cloud handling server side AI s***? im not sure i really understand whats being said.
Posted 11:59am 05/2/14
probs 9.5 / 10 more like it toll
Posted 08:27pm 11/2/14
Herpa derp 73 ping from Perth WA ... I've played on worse :P
Posted 08:52pm 11/2/14
73 ping is to the local CDN, game servers wont be running on there, they'll be running in a data center, which is 192 ms to singapore for me for the nearest.
Posted 12:00am 12/2/14
Not an entirely relevant comparison Khel, you're roughly twice as far away from Singapore as we are in Perth.
Posted 11:48pm 12/2/14
This is off my list of games.

Even after they bring out Australian servers, I'm not going to bother buying a game that's been out for many months already.
Posted 04:26am 14/2/14
I have contacted EA through our usual channels to see what can be done - but remember, ultimately, the power to fix this is on you guys.
Posted 02:23am 15/2/14
EA fobbed us off to Microsoft which probably means we'll never be able to talk to anyone about it ever, based on our previous experience in trying to get anyone at Microsoft to talk to us in any sort of real manner
Posted 08:34am 15/2/14
This game is dead to me, I didn't even bother trying to get into Beta.
Posted 08:58am 15/2/14
No other FPS would be even remotely enjoyable with a 200+ ping but this has been at least worth playing a few hours of without wanting to uninstall. Regardless, it will still greatly benefit from local servers so perhaps when the price comes down and the aussie servers go in it will be worth picking up.
Posted 09:42am 15/2/14
but remember, ultimately, the power to fix this is on you guys.

Shame most people who buy this game aren't going to know about the servers. Not like the game will have a "warning no local servers" stamp on it.

So bored of video games was kinda hoping this would get me back into it for a quick bash but after all the BF4 problems I can't be f***ed with any more s***e.

hashtah waiting for locals
Posted 07:05pm 07/3/14
I played the beta in Brisbane and it seemed fine?
Posted 10:32pm 07/3/14
I played the beta in Perth with a Ping of 80ms and the game seemed f*****g s***. Played smooth but f*****g lame IMO.
Posted 11:23am 08/3/14
played ok on the xbox one.
Posted 12:28pm 08/3/14
If it plays well on a high ping, then it will play the same on low ping. (Extrapolation, see BF4)

Otherwise, it will play s*** on high ping.

None of that matters, I'm sure the majority will still buy it and justify how there is no difference between 20ms and 200ms.
Posted 03:14pm 08/3/14
There was a difference sure, but it was suprinsingly playable and fun, I wasn't expecting it to be playable at all (I highly doubt something like BF4 would be playable at 200ms ping). It certainly was noticeable though, and very frustrating at times, and far from an optimal experience. I'm still on the fence about whether I'll get the game or not, on the one hand really fun game, on the other hand no local servers and hgh pings mean you're never really going to get the best out of it.
Posted 04:08pm 08/3/14
The bots are a big turn off for me.
Posted 04:13pm 08/3/14
literally everyone complaining about this will buy the game because you're all reactionary babies who love to be outraged
Posted 05:53pm 08/3/14
Well Im not buying it. Aside from the server thing it looked boring as f***kkkkkkkkk

Posted 07:06pm 08/3/14

Could be interesting ... maybe temp servers until Azure servers are up?


Posted 08:26pm 08/3/14
I thought QLD had a connection to singapore, not just WA.
Posted 09:27pm 08/3/14
heh, they've cancelled the release of the game in south africa because of the s***** latency.
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