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Post by Eorl @ 11:58am 25/01/14 | 7 Comments
Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the open world RPG from Czech indie studio Warhorse that only just recently went live on the popular crowd funding website Kickstarter, has officially passed its initial goal of £300,000 within 48 hours.

“This resounding confirmation of what we've been working on for almost two years just makes everything worthwhile,” Warhorse said on its Facebook page. “Now, with our goal reached, it's time for stretch goals and we shall announce the first one today. I [Warhorse founder Daniel Vávra, we presume] would also like to make one thing clear: we have come to an understanding with our investor that every penny we make above the Kickstarter goal will stay with us and will go toward making Kingdom Come: Deliverance better.”

Warhorse was founded in 2011 by creator of the Mafia games, Dan Vávra with UFO trilogy's Martin Klíma with a team that notably includes developers of Operation Flashpoint and ArmA. To help differentiate Kingdom Come from the many other medieval RPGs out there, Warhorse are completely dropping the fantasy aspect, instead focusing on authentic combat of the time period.

Currently the funding is sitting at just under £380,000 with 26 days left to go, so it is more than likely that this project will be soaring across a number of stretch goals thanks to the eager support from fans. For the next stretch goal, £400,000, the team will include in-game music recorded from live medieval music by local Czech masters, "note for note from ancient song books."

Kingdom Come: Devliverance is expected sometime in 2015 for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Latest Comments
Posted 01:47pm 25/1/14
So it's basically a Skyrim clone.
Posted 04:35pm 25/1/14
^^ wow, did you look at the ks page at all.
Posted 04:44pm 25/1/14
Except Skyrim combat is shit.
Combining the elements of Dark souls, Mount & Blade, with the open world of Skyrim is what many people want.
Posted 04:45pm 25/1/14
Looks absolutely amazing. Melee done right.
Posted 08:40pm 25/1/14
A game like this will be at least as good as its combat. What they are trying to do is difficult and easily stuffed imo. If the combat sucks the game will suffer to much. I'd like a playable demo of their combat system before I pledge.
Posted 08:59pm 25/1/14
That being said, what they are showing looks pretty good. If it works better than Chivalry I'll be a happy camper.
Posted 02:31pm 28/1/14
I like the idea of minigames for crafting and repairing etc.. That will be unique and add a bit of fun outside the typical dungeon crawl you are forced to experience in other games.

Would put some money into this KS but I just can't spare a dime atm. If they meet all there stretch goals I will consider it however.
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