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Post by Dan @ 04:18pm 23/01/14 | 16 Comments
Three new screenshots from Tom Clancy's The Division have found their way online (thanks Neogaf, via VG247), presenting more impressive stills from the post-apocalyptic open world multiplayer title in the works at World in Conflict developer Ubisoft Massive.

Although the schedule from Ubi still lists the game as arriving in 2014, VG247 notes that recent rumours have suggested a delay into 2015 is likely for the perhaps overly ambitious title.

Tom Clancy's The Division was originally in development for only PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360, however PC has also now been promised, following a "vocal and passionate" response from the PC community.

Latest Comments
Posted 05:18pm 23/1/14
The first 2 look like bullshots to me...the 3rd is plausible due to that horrible shadowing on the door
Posted 05:49pm 23/1/14
WTB: Real time gameplay footage.

Screenshots are so lacklustre.
Posted 06:07pm 23/1/14
Why do they take out the UI? It's a really important part of the game and it actually proves that it's an ingame screen shot and not some pre rendered bullshit. though I guess you can still pre render it with a the UI.
Posted 06:11pm 23/1/14
Greazy, that would be because the UI is actually projection-based of some sort. In the E3 demo we saw the main character project a map onto the ground, along with an inventory style window.
Posted 06:55pm 23/1/14
Why so cynical?
Posted 07:49pm 23/1/14
Why so cynical?

Because, while they look good, they don't show anything about the game in action.
Posted 07:51pm 23/1/14
Did you watch the E3 video?
Posted 08:42pm 23/1/14
Yes. It was sexual.
Posted 10:43pm 23/1/14
They were saying the game doesn't really look that good and that the screens are fake. I don't think they are, sure they are PC shots but they aren't prerendered.
Posted 10:45pm 23/1/14
Actually I will admit some of that looks like the game mixed with art.
Posted 11:11pm 23/1/14
when you look at the unreal real time examples such as good samarian or infiltrator, along with the already released footage of this game, these really don't seem hard to believe
Posted 12:03am 24/1/14
Wow I haven't seen this yet Trailer is hot
Posted 12:05am 24/1/14
lol, that vid's from last years E3.
Posted 08:54am 24/1/14
Oh yeh "Those sceenshots are totally legit due to that lush vid from last year's E3"...c'mon guys, E3 vids are notorious for duping the public.

I will totally eat my words if it turns out anything like that E3 vid...but theres more chance than not this is just masterful marketing on Ubi's end.
Posted 11:40am 24/1/14
If it turns out like that E3 vid, I'm sold. That was incredible.
Posted 08:10pm 24/1/14
You mean Xbox One right?
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