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Post by Dan @ 02:53pm 22/01/14 | 6 Comments
World of Tanks Publisher has excitedly shared news that the free-to-play multiplayer title recently hit a new personal best record of 1,114,000 simultaneous players on its Russian servers, taking another opportunity to boast of its more than 75,000,000 globally registered accounts.
World of Tanks has set a new record with a total of over 1,114,000 gamers playing concurrently on the Russian cluster on January 19, 2014.

“In 2013, we put a great amount of effort into growing World of Tanks, enriching it with new gameplay features and content,” said Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Publishing at Wargaming. “Tankmen on the Russian servers all play at different times of the day and although their overall number has long since surpassed several million daily active users, the PCCU has been hovering around 900,000 gamers for the past few months. Finally, we’ve breached the one million mark. We are set to scale even greater heights with considerable improvements planned for World of Tanks in 2014”.
When speaking to AusGamers last year, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi expressed hopes of achieving a hugely ambitious one billion World of Tanks players.

Latest Comments
Posted 03:46pm 22/1/14
i grow weary of that game. The recent Japanese tanks were very uninspiring. And that is news from the Russian server. (ie. Australians dont play on it) The USA server has nothing near that (like 15k) and the Oceanic server also small.
Posted 04:48pm 22/1/14
I still play, but the grind and the bad players and the b****ing, but I still play.
Posted 07:28pm 22/1/14
Yeah, still a hardcore WoT Player.

Only have 4 Tier 10's or so to unlock and over 70 tanks in my garage.
Fair number of my tanks are now 4+ crew skills after some 18k + battles with the majority of the remaining ones almost completing their 3rd to clock over into the 4th.

I was recently actually paid by WarGaming for assisting at an event here in Brisbane and regularly assist with local events.

Reallllllly looking forward to Tank Locking coming in next patch :)
Posted 03:12am 23/1/14
Not played in a few weeks now, Just don't feel into it at the moment. I need to platoon up but I am not very social and lazy.

I tried the War Thunder ground forces beta thing. It needs work but has potential.
Posted 08:13am 23/1/14
haven't played for a few months after i moved house in october and didn't have internets for a while, never got back into it

i should, i wanted my damn tiger tank
Posted 08:23am 23/1/14
I stopped playing I was really into it at one stage I really enjoyed it might reinstall it when I am back to Uni for a couple of quick rounds if I need a video game fix.
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