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Post by Dan @ 09:34am 20/01/14 | 14 Comments
Alpha test access for Titanfall has been awarded to a small selection of Xbox One users that registered their interested a few weeks back, and although a rather strict non-disclosure agreement applies, several clips of captured footage and an assortment of screenshots have already found their way onto the open tubes.

Anything shared on Youtube looks to have been smited quicksmart, The resourceful chaps on the Giantbomb forums discovered a Dailymotion with over nine minutes of direct feed gameplay from the Xbox One alpha test, reportedly showing the game's familiar Domination mode on the map Angel City.

It's important to note that the footage is unlikely to be representative of the final game in many ways. Developer Respawn Entertainment has stressed that it is not a beta test, describing it as "very limited technical testing", and suggesting that many aspects such as the texture resolution are currently well short of what players will be seeing on launch day.

That said, it looks pretty tasty. Check out the embed below before the lords of EA smite it down. An assortment of screenshots from a "Pilot Training" gameplay tutorial map can also be found on this flickr account (thanks Gematsu).

Titanfall is scheduled to launch on PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 on March 13th 2014

Latest Comments
Posted 11:54am 20/1/14
suggesting that many aspects such as the texture resolution are currently well short of what players will be seeing on launch day.

bot AI better be on their list to improve because they were absolutely terrible in another video I watched.
Posted 12:14pm 20/1/14
interesting that ausgamers would choose to make a news item out of NDA breaking game footage but ok.

edit: I read something by one of the devs suggesting that the bots were designed to be s*** enough to not pose an actual risk to titans (bots dont have anti-armor weapons) while being indistinguishable from actual players so thatanyone piloting titans wouldn't be able to ignore them - letting real players 'hide' in plain sight potentially.

So while the bots do look dumb as rocks, it sounds like a design decision to up the atmosphere without making a game where you are fighting AI half the time. No matter how good bots are its never really fun to play against them so IMO its better that they are just fodder to mow down.
Posted 12:21pm 20/1/14
This is more entertaining:
Posted 12:53pm 20/1/14
I read something by one of the devs suggesting that the bots were designed to be s***

well these ones were really bad. the dude walked into a room that had 10+ bots and he killed them all.
Posted 01:35pm 20/1/14
The map size is not much bigger then COD. Don't waste your time on this game. Its just got good marketing, nothing but @#!$@ here.
Posted 01:42pm 20/1/14
Looked pretty big to me Rom, though I'm not expecting Battlefield-style maps considering its CoD+ Mirror's Edge movement with mechs. Honestly it looks really interesting to me, but hey I like new things.

I'm seeing the bots as more like creeps in a MOBA. They are cannon fodder to get XP or to reduce your Titan deployment timer but if left unchecked can A) hide actual enemy players and B) cap positions in force. Also the mech movement looks really smooth, which is exactly what I would want to make me feel compelled to jump in one, and the player movement is just as buttery smooth which is awesome.
Posted 01:57pm 20/1/14
did not look that great to me. not enough going on. 6v6 is too small - the mechs dont add that much more esp with inside objectives and non destroyable buildings etc.

12 v12, with bigger maps, that focus fighting on objectives to keep things nice and tight would be a better way to go from my point of view. The mechs are no different to vehicles in other games except when you leave them they turn into auto turrets that can move.

Sure it didnt look NOT fun. Its jsut it could be way better and would get boring fast if the teams, being so small, were unbalanced.

At this point nothing has changed to show that the 6v6 is playing to the consoles ability to CPU power rather than some awesome idea to make the game play at its best. Hope they come to their senses and make the PC version with bigger maps and a higher player count.

Not expecting it to happen.
Posted 02:09pm 20/1/14
Looks kind of boring...

Here's an idea, instead of having useless AI bots that no-one ever in the history of gaming has enjoyed playing against, remove them and add more player slots.


Either the bots are going to be retarded as all f***, or people are going to be crying about insta-headshots from across the map like always.

Personally, I think I'll wait for a while. I don't think it'll as amazing as everyone seems to think it will be.
Posted 05:27pm 20/1/14
Yeah guys it's just a wannabe CoD look can't you tell from that early footage of the unreleased game!@#!!
Posted 06:53pm 20/1/14
the retard is strong in this thread.
Posted 07:24pm 20/1/14
I'm seeing the bots as more like creeps in a MOBA

Thats kind of how I imagined them as well, they're not really there to give the a similar challenge to fighting other players, they're just fodder to give you something else to smash and get some xp from. I dunno why everyone is so down on it, think L4D versus mode, you've got AI fodder zombies, then you've got the other players mixed in, thats kind of home I imagine it working. I could be way off base though, cos I haven't played it at all, but it sounded to me like thats more the experience they were going for, not like Unreal Tournament where bots would fill the server to replace players.
Posted 08:35am 21/1/14
I think it looks cool. Looks amazing for a source game too. The only thing I think it's missing is destructible environments.
Posted 08:56am 21/1/14
Well, if the bots are designed to be fodder and to help Humans blend in, it would actually add to the suspense of combat. As a titan pilot you will need to be smashing AI Bots with the knowledge that at any time one of them may actually be a threat, so you can't just go feral on everything..

If it works out that way.
Posted 10:33am 21/1/14
Tollaz0r, trouble is they have "Enemy Grunt" or whatever above their heads.
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