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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 03:14pm 16/01/14 | 11 Comments
While we continue to ring in the New Year with a sense of excitement for what lies ahead as far as game releases is concerned, we decided to take on board the 2014 release manifest and give it a more critical once over than you may have seen elsewhere in other 'Games of 2014' write-ups.

Optimism where games in development is concerned is part of what makes our industry so exciting and hype-laden, but with the changing landscape ahead of us thanks to the explosion of indie development and crowd-funding successes, the need for transparency and caution is becoming more and more prudent.

So, here's our list of some of the biggest (known) titles to be dropping in 2014, with our biggest concerns for each. And don't be shy, chime in with your thoughts in the Comments section.

Click here for The Cautious Gamer's Guide to 2014.

Latest Comments
Posted 03:47pm 16/1/14
Great write up and loved that you played the devils advocate.
Posted 04:22pm 16/1/14
Woah! The Evil Within might be a return back to classic Resident Evil horror. While RE4 was great it had a completely different game feel to the previous RE games.

and I get to play it (hopefully) on the 360 :D :D
Posted 05:06pm 16/1/14
A little bit disappointed Half Life 3 wasn't mentioned... Oh well maybe another year
Posted 05:14pm 16/1/14
I won't be going back to the WoW expansion. There's too much awesome mmo style gaming to be had elsewhere now.
Posted 01:26am 19/1/14
An addition to the indie category would be Banished, from

It's a city-builder made by one man set for a Feb 2014 release. Looks great so far.
Posted 02:30am 19/1/14
Except for Southpark it all looks pretty meh
Posted 07:27am 19/1/14
Enska which MMOs are you speaking of? =)
Posted 07:56am 19/1/14
Enska which MMOs are you speaking of? =)

Skyrim soon
Posted 04:41pm 27/1/14
Good overview, and some insightful observations (Hadn't really thought twice about the Watch_Dogs delay in-context at all.

I'm a little concerned for current Gen consoles if I'm honest.
As someone who's seen the console as a 'necessary evil' in years gone by, with nVidia's remote gameplay hardware, and Steam's push to get 'into the lounge room' I see less and less reason to bother.

I think both of the current consoles have a real lack of identity and shaken sense of purpose.
Game patches getting bigger and bigger (and more frequent). They're both pushing to get into 'home entertainment' space with each seeming to establish their own 'apps' and subscriptions to achieve this.

I don't think MS or Sony can afford to be trying to 'shoulder each other out of the way' so much as try to develop a space where they can co-exist in order to help feed each other really.

I also see that I'm not in school anymore, and that I don't so much have a budget or allowance to manage to feed my fix with; so it might still be a brilliant option for parents/students etc.

Aside from the 'perceived convenience' of being a bundled purchase to get a console, there's very little distinguishing 'console gaming' and 'PC gaming' once you fire the game up.
(Thinking about it right now, it is actually a pain in the ass to play games online with a console really. Subscription(s)-a-plenty, historically mediocre services for Aussies, and no option but to use a PC/smartphone app for 'party-play' [TS, mumble, Skype etc]).

Interesting times.
(I had a point in this rant to begin with… not sure where it went by the end)
Posted 01:01pm 07/2/14
Farrelly - some great points. No doubt such concerns are causing sleepless nights for some poor developer.

Still pumped for The Witcher 3 though. Much prefer the character-driven structure to TES.
Posted 01:34pm 07/2/14
IVY_MiKe: It's true that online gaming with a console is a pain compared to PC but setting up an xbox 360 is so much easier than a PC. I just started playing Tomb Raider and in about 10 minutes of deciding I wanted to play it I had the console setup and I was getting raped by homemade axe making rapists. Awesome.

I still miss PC gaming :( I really enjoyed MP but I was always really average at it so I got bagged out a lot. I still had fun though.
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