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Post by Eorl @ 10:25am 16/01/14 | 12 Comments
Steam Dev Days, the developer-only conference kicked off by Valve in Seattle this morning isn't holding back the big guns, with Valve revealing that Steam users now number at more than 75 million across the digital service.

In a press release sent to AusGamers, over the last three months, Steam accounts jumped a staggering 15% with an additional 10 million user, noting the increase occurred during “a busy holiday release season and Steam’s Pre-Holiday and Holiday sales.”

In addition, members of the Steam publishing team gave attendees a geographic breakdown of Steam's 2013's sales revenue. While the data showed a virtual tie between North America (41%) and Europe (40%) for the lion's share of Steam's global activity, Russia and Brazil realized the largest year over year growth (2013 vs. 2012) as individual countries, respectively increasing 128% and 75%.

Also revealed during the event, per tweets from Hot Blooded Game CFO Dave Oshry, was Valve’s goal of making “Greenlight go away." This isn't because Greenlight isn't useful to developers, but instead due to its evolution that will make it cease to exist.

“Our goal is to make Greenlight go away. Not because it’s not useful, but because we’re evolving,” said Valve boss Gabe Newell during the opening event.

According to Oshry's Twitter, Valve revealed that once the Steam service has evolved, the goal is to allow developers more control over their games and how they are promoted, thus the need for Greenlight will disappear.

We'll have more on the Steam Dev Days as news filters out. Videos of the Steam Dev Days main presentations will be made available as videos in the coming weeks.

Latest Comments
Posted 10:37am 16/1/14
Go steam!

I look forward to the day I can retire MS Windows permanently from my system. SteamOS better provide the goods.
Posted 10:48am 16/1/14
Be interesting to see some stats on what games or how many games people own
Posted 11:31am 16/1/14
I'm curious how they're going to replace the (laughable) service of greenlight?

What are random indies going to do now?
Posted 01:11pm 16/1/14
I'm curious how they're going to replace the (laughable) service of greenlight?

I thought i read a while back they were looking at allowing developers / publishers to make their own storefront within steam. That would remove the use of greenlight if anyone can start putting content on it.
Posted 01:42pm 16/1/14
Wonder whether the sales are based on where the key was sold or where it was activated.

I don't remember the last game I actually bought through Steam since even during sales events it's cheaper to get it from somewhere like Amazon, GMG or CD-Key sites.
Posted 01:47pm 16/1/14
"Our goal is to make Greenlight go away. Not because it’s not useful, but because we’re evolving" is a little more nuanced statement than "Valve Looking at Dropping Greenlight"
Posted 05:05pm 16/1/14
Foxgamers, Australia's Games Community!
Posted 05:43pm 16/1/14
Steam amazes me - I never thought it would become the way I play games on PC... now I pretty much can't be f***ed with games that aren't on steam. I just wish that valve had the balls to enforce some reasonable standards (like global pricing) because they seem to have the market share to throw a little weight around.
Posted 07:39pm 16/1/14
Great, now if only EA would ditch origin so we can all just stick to steam that would be awesome
Posted 09:23am 17/1/14
qmass and Whoop know where it's at.

And yeah, good that Greenlight is 'changing'. I'm not sure how well it performs what it was 'put there to do'
Posted 09:56am 17/1/14
qmass and Whoop know where it's at.
Posted 10:15am 17/1/14
I love Steam.

I hate that Steam is gaining a monopoly.

Have we learned NOTHING about monopolies?
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