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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:11am 15/01/14 | 5 Comments
Kosta "Toadovsky" Andreadis is back with his second gameplay diary for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls, this time focusing on the raised level cap of 70 and what that means for gameplay in the new expansion.

Diablo 3 proper, effectively stopped being "fresh" and "exciting" once level 60 was reached, and repetition was the only tool you could really use to get their in the first place. For gluttons of punishment, this probably wasn't a big deal, for everyone else though, it was. Thankfully everything surrounding the level 60 plateau seems to have been front and centre on the development drawing board for Reaper of Souls, as Kosta explains not only about how much more engaging and fun it is to now strive for level 70, but the player-choice in just how you do it along the way.

Click here for his Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Beta Diary #2 - The Not-So Long Road to 70.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:41pm 15/1/14
Cheers Kosta, absolutely loving the ROS insights. As if I didn't adore D3 even in its current form, ROS is literally taking this game to a whole new, amazing level. My time off work is booked and our ROS launch session is organised with my mates come 5pm, March 25. With levelling and gearing my WD to 70 and beyond, rolling a Crusader and transferring my Barb from PS3 to PS4, the rest of the year's big release titles are all taking a back seat.
Posted 04:33pm 15/1/14
I've been playing the ptr a bit which has loot 2.0 implemented and finding it pretty satisfying.
Decent upgrades now drop regularly, it also seems to have been optimized a little better as I don't get any annoying as fuck micro stutter anymore.
Posted 06:59pm 15/1/14
What about that BS lag/stutter you get in the first 30 seconds of combat when you log on for the first time? Almost wipe every time with that. Apart from that I never get any issues.
Posted 11:20am 17/1/14
Wow they still have that micro stutter -- it's caused by not loading assets into memory until they are used. If you have a SSD it's not so much of an issue.

Blizzard has burnt the bridge for me, only way they'd ever rectify it is offering local servers - so that is probably never going to happen. Quite happy with poe.

I will enjoy the cutscenes on youbube tho - speaking of which i wonder if the story is any better than d3 - wouldn't be hard heh. I still remember the epic face palm i did when playing through act3 - where hells best strategist tells you exactly what he's doing and how to stop him. Mind you the butterflies that killed arguably the most recognizable character in diablo universe is worth a mention too.
Posted 01:58pm 17/1/14
Wow they still have that micro stutter -- it's caused by not loading assets into memory until they are used. If you have a SSD it's not so much of an issue.
When I played I fixed it but loading the game on a USB 3.0 Drive and in a USB 3.0 port and playing from there.

Havent looked much into ROS but will be returning for a bash.
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