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Post by Eorl @ 10:18am 14/01/14 | 6 Comments
At this year’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Polyphony Digital and Toyota officially revealed the Toyota FT-1 Concept coupe. The new car will be featured in Gran Turismo 6 as free DLC, hitting virtual shelves on sometime today for all owners of the racing title.
Calty Design Research has worked with Toyota over the last 40 years, concepting some of the manufacturer’s most cutting-edge vehicles, including the FT-1. As part of the design process, Calty approached Polyphony and asked the prestigious video game studio to recreate the concept digitally as part of the design studio’s pitch to Toyota executives. Watching the concept car in the Gran Turismo game engine helped Toyota make the decision to build the concept model.
After downloading the update, a unique seasonal event featuring the Toyota FT-1 will be made available in the game. If you are keen to keep the car you'll have to place bronze or higher in the FT-1 challenge at Laguna Seca. Drivers will also be able to purchase the vehicle from the Toyota dealership without having to complete the seasonal event.

“Thanks to the amazing capability of the Gran Turismo game engine, gamers can enjoy a very real simulation piloting the ultra-high performance FT-1 on the tracks it was designed to master,” said Kevin Hunter, President of Calty Design Research.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:26am 14/1/14
dont worry folks, no specs as of yet apart from its a 5.0L V8. Rumors saying it could be TT
Posted 10:30am 14/1/14
Twin Turbo 5L V8? That would be fucking sick irl.
Posted 11:08am 14/1/14
Is this supposed to be Toyota's new Supra?

Looks aiight, a little disappoint that it seems to be chasing the Lexus LFA in terms of price point (at least by the looks of it)
Posted 02:56pm 14/1/14
Not the new supra. Will never make a v8 supra. More along the lines of a soarer id say. But tt v8 would be hot. And it looks alot like a few of the supra concepts that have been drawn up.
Posted 03:06pm 14/1/14
They should make a 3JZ, 3.5L straight six with elec vct on both cams. - 2J and RB are great engines.
Posted 03:06pm 14/1/14
I would imagine that the production version would be a lot more visually subdued compared to the concept car.
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