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Post by Eorl @ 02:30pm 11/01/14 | 27 Comments
If you thought Sylvester Stallone's performance in the very brutal and bullet-ridden RAMBO films just wasn't enough action for your taste buds, get ready for even more explosions and bullets in the latest trailer for Rambo: The Video Game.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, producer Piotr Latocha helped explain what the game's development team had been doing to make players feel like they were having that authentic Rambo experience. The game features "authentic studio recordings" of audio from the films, from dialogue and exclamations to music from the film's original soundtrack.

"The gameplay system we have created combines the classic arcade-heritage of a rail-shooter with a contemporary graphics engine and all of the cover-taking, weapon-switching and super aggressive enemies possible on PS3. All of John Rambo’s trademark array of knives, SMGs, LMGS, Grenades and variety of arrow-tips will be on-hand for players to deploy within the game’s 16 Missions. It also supports the PlayStation Move controller so player’s can experience every trigger pull, grenade-lob, knife swipe and bow-pull in the most connected way possible."

Check out the trailer below just to get an idea of how the team are making you feel like Rambo, down to the guns blazing style that Stallone loved to do.

Latest Comments
Posted 02:44pm 11/1/14
Well that sure looks awful
Posted 02:49pm 11/1/14
Looks like absolute s***e.
Posted 03:02pm 11/1/14
oh look! literal, actual s*** with a perplexingly positive spin. great work.
Posted 03:05pm 11/1/14
This game literally looks like shovelware.
Posted 03:06pm 11/1/14
Yeah I don't know how to take this, When I imagine the Rambo films and then imagine it in a video game it looks much the same... maybe a bit better.. I don't know... They sure have captured that weird f*****g faze the world was going through with hair and muscle I guess.

Edit* even in my imagination I don't play the game cause there are so many other better things to play.
Posted 03:10pm 11/1/14
Christ, it looks like a vita game.
Posted 03:12pm 11/1/14

The only set of Rambo's worth playing.
Posted 03:56pm 11/1/14
why did the developers give rambo fetal alcohol syndrome?
Posted 03:59pm 11/1/14
Posted 04:54pm 11/1/14
I just love how its so on-rails, and the fact people blow up into red mist.
Posted 05:43pm 11/1/14
Christ, it looks like a vita game.

Thats an insult to the vita which is an outstanding little system with some great looking games.

Tearaway and uncharted spring to mind (as exclusive) but plenty of cross platform games look close to there original system counterparts.
Posted 05:54pm 11/1/14
Maybe it will turn out okay since everyone's expectations are pretty much nothing.

But still, this does look really bad.
Posted 10:53pm 11/1/14
looks like a psone game lol wtf
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:38pm 11/1/14
Looked like they were using the Battlefield Vietnam engine. Everything looks so bright.
Posted 01:04am 12/1/14
Absolute s***e. You can see the Hud in 1 frame of that trailer. It has a score number in the top left.
Posted 01:27am 12/1/14
didn't realise they were still developing games for n64
Posted 01:43am 12/1/14
And here we have the Winner of Worst Video Game in 2014, the graphics are so 2003.

If I wanted the authentic Rambo experience I'm better off watching the first 3 movies.
Posted 09:14am 12/1/14
Preordered. Game of the Decade!@
Posted 12:15pm 12/1/14
You know it's going to be good when it says "The Video Game" in the title.
Posted 02:35pm 12/1/14
Probably has better gameplay than CoD
Posted 03:42pm 12/1/14 bad could it be? *click*

Oh, ok, yeah, that bad.
Posted 06:38pm 12/1/14
Seems a shame they've missed the 'Blood Dragon'/'Max Damage' type 'take the piss' opportunity imo.
Posted 09:25pm 12/1/14
are these next gen graphics.

looks siiiiiickkk...

Posted 12:00am 13/1/14 bad could it be? *click*

Oh, ok, yeah, that bad.

lol. Thought the same myself.
Posted 12:42am 13/1/14
Would be funny if this turned into one of those "it's so bad it's good" games.

Except I think this might be so bad it's a solid reason to end all life on Earth.
Posted 09:15am 13/1/14
cnt wait 2preorder.. hopefully day1 dlc bonus
Posted 03:37pm 13/1/14
Do you even graphics?
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