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Post by Eorl @ 01:02pm 10/01/14 | 13 Comments
In an ongoing quest to prove that AusGamers love you more than any other games site, we've taken it upon ourselves to setup a public TeamSpeak server so you can chat away with other fellow members on the latest and greatest gaming news and content.

Those interested in wanting to join in on the action will need to acquire the TeamSpeak 3 client, available at the official website here. Once you have the client setup just join and you are good to go. We've made plenty of channels - both specific and non-specific - for users to jump into and talk away but if you have any suggestions don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below.

As pointed out by Mosfx, we also have an official Google spreadsheet containing community usernames across various platforms to help make things a bit easier, so don't be afraid and add your name to the growing list over here.

Latest Comments
Posted 02:25pm 10/1/14
hell yeah i will be on there tonight gettin crunked.
Posted 02:39pm 10/1/14
hell yeah i will be on there tonight gettin crunked.

Which reminds me - I've ran out of spinna. Drive time.
Posted 04:45pm 10/1/14
So i assume there is a possibility to use this to comm while playing games such as Starbound?
Posted 04:47pm 10/1/14
Most definitely Ozzy, the server is completely public and anyone can join and create temporary channels if need be. We'll create more permanent ones on a needed basis, but for now the structure should work well.
Posted 05:02pm 10/1/14
This TS information and the Google Sheet for usernames should also be available on a sticky thread or something so people can find these things easier
Posted 07:20pm 10/1/14
^^ hey yeah, I even posted in that stupid thread and have since forgotten about the spreadsheet.

I still say just have a mouseover hover text over usernames that lists all the games you play and contact info like what you'd find in a user profile but a condensed version
Posted 07:08pm 12/1/14
awesome thanks guys I hope this picks up it was really awesome in germany/europe
Posted 07:49pm 12/1/14
i was on friday night. no one.
Posted 10:26pm 13/1/14
I was on most of the weekend and I only say Dan in the AFK channel
Posted 10:32pm 13/1/14
I just had a discussion with eorl. There was a funny bug earlier preventing people from seeing users in other channels. I was on there Friday night and last night. Eorl advised he has fixed that bug now.
Posted 09:28am 14/1/14
I was on Friday for a while but I stayed in the Lobby thinking the channels would all be viewable.

Thanks Eorl, thanks a lot. :'(
Posted 09:46am 14/1/14
Yeah seems like it hadn't been set up to allow full visibility in channels, should be fixed now though let me know if its still bugged. You can apparently manually do it yourself by going settings > application tab > down the bottom is a checkbox for subscribing to all channels.
Posted 10:59am 14/1/14
I'll try and be on every night this week if people wanna join up and play something.
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