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Post by Eorl @ 12:37pm 08/01/14 | 6 Comments
Square Enix has announced that their recently revamped MMO Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will be free this weekend for anyone who previously purchased and registered the title, and whose account is set to "inactive" during the campaign period, according to the offical website.

The free weekend will allow returning players the chance to check out the game's most recent patch 2.1, which added new content consisting of the Crystal Tower 24-person raid, new PvP battles in the Wolf's Den, new extreme encounters and more developments in the main scenario.

Those interested will find the free weekend beginning Saturday, Jan. 11th at 6pm AEST and ending on Monday, Jan. 13th at 6pm AEST. If you are in need of gaining the client again you can find it available through the official website here.

Latest Comments
Posted 04:17pm 09/1/14
bah, i was going to give it a try until i read your second sentence.
Posted 04:31pm 09/1/14
Damn misleading subject!
Posted 05:04pm 09/1/14
Eorl with the click bait!
Posted 05:08pm 09/1/14
Haha, gotta get them clicks! I was interested in giving the game another shot, apparently they made FATE grinding less of a thing now but the launcher won't actually download the game without an active subscription. My interest quickly disappeared because I realised trying to download the game with another few thousand other people on Saturday night is going to be painful.

I really want to get back into an MMO, but I tried FF14, GW2 and WoW but nothing is grabbing me. Maybe ESO or WildStar will do it.
Posted 07:29pm 09/1/14
there's an ESO beta event this weekend. still no invite. :(
Posted 10:48pm 09/1/14
Played me the fool Eorl ;(
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