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Post by Eorl @ 09:33am 29/12/13 | 11 Comments
Details on what the future holds for UK-based independent studio Hello Games who were hit by a recent flood on Christmas Eve are still unknown, though from their most recent update it doesn't seem great (via GameInformer).

After being hit late at night thanks to what was apparently caused by a river breaking through its banks, the team has been keeping everyone in the loop through Twitter updates. From a couch that has been declared unsittable through to a car that was previously thought to have been lost in the surge being found undamaged, the team has been keeping fans on the know with their situation. Sadly, the more terrible news is that the studio's insurance will not cover the damages due to being in a "flood risk zone."

"BAD NEWS! Had a 'hilarious' call with insurer yesterday. Small print is if you are in a flood risk zone, you are not insured for flooding :(" reads the Twitter update, though the team has found that they can now enter the building to start the recovery process on all of its equipment without having to wait for an insurer to come look. This will definitely hit home for those affected by Queenslands most recent floods, which caused a number of houses to go under with many unable to claim coverage.

It is still unknown exactly how this will affect Hello Games' most recent announcement, the open-universe sci-fi adventure title No Man's Sky, with most if not all of their equipment destroyed by the flood. The studio has yet to actually reveal the state of the game, though this is probably due to the team not knowing themselves the extent of the damage.

Latest Comments
Posted 10:37am 29/12/13
And this is why I never get excited about games anymore...

First one in ages I got a warm fuzzy feeling on and now this?

Good luck to the dev team though, but I would have expected some kind of lawyer-trolling for insurance on a business like that though o.0

I mean, surely you should check the fine print, or at least pay someone to read it all if you're in a flood zone.
Posted 10:49am 29/12/13
Ahh insurance companies, the scum of the earth, and yet they are needed. off site live replication, only insurance you can rely on**.
still sucks for these guys. I was kind of looking forward to this game, I mean I had my doubts they they would be able to build it the way they advertised but still one can hope.

**only if you have replication to multiple sites in different countries and in different environments.
Posted 10:59am 29/12/13
To bad their online backups got flooded, what bad luck.
Posted 02:32pm 29/12/13
It's probably more that they can't afford to replace all their equipment, rather than losing all of the game code & other files. I mean, surely a development house would have backups, both on and off site, and some form of disaster recovery plan, right?
Posted 02:40pm 29/12/13
People laugh when they are first taught about backups. Online backups, offline backups, earthquakes, floods, nuclear attacks. "Yeah yeah."

Software companies have the best chance at survival compared to most other 'brick and mortar' businesses where a flood can wipe your building/worksite away and it's gone for good. You don't have a 'backup' worksite replicated and ready to go if this were to happen.

I must say, if this is how they handled their IP, how well will they handle your credit card numbers and account passwords?
Posted 03:46pm 29/12/13
ph33x dude, if you were say working in a small studio, (small like 5 people) there is a chance that you might not have offsite online storage due to cost, after all, until the game is done, and making money, all your effort and funds go into 2minutes noodles, coffee and coding
Posted 06:00pm 29/12/13
If you can't afford online backups maybe you should copy that shit to a fucken external HDD which costs sweet FA.
Posted 01:22am 30/12/13
Don't think they've said they've lost the game yet, just all the equipment.

I think even small programmers can find somewhere to host a backup off-site. It's not that expensive.
Posted 08:03am 30/12/13
Perhaps if a publisher or another developer see potential they could save the day?
Posted 05:13pm 30/12/13
Posted 08:03am 30/12/13

Perhaps if a publisher or another developer see potential they could save the day?

YAY! EA to the rescue
Posted 08:27pm 30/12/13
Ahh insurance companies, the scum of the earth
I wouldn't say the insurer is scum, I would say the lawyers that come up with complicated contracts are the scum. You wouldn't believe the shit that happens when lawyers get hold of anything. From this I think we can all agree that education is evil and teachers are the root of all evil.
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