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Post by Dan @ 02:19pm 20/12/13 | 14 Comments
The holiday season is upon us again, so things will be a bit quieter on the site for the next couple of weeks as we enjoy a bit of the Australian summer and ring in another new year.

The site will be running in caretaker mode as far as games news goes, but there's a whole load of still-relevant content worth checking out in both our Reviews and Features sections, so have a browse if you want to know whether that new release game at the boxing day sale is worth buying or to get the low-down on some of the upcoming 2013 titles that we've had access to throughout the year.

On behalf of all of us here at AusGamers and Mammoth Media, we hope that you have a very merry Christmas/xmas/festivus/etc, a happy new year, and a safe and pleasant holiday period in general.

Latest Comments
Posted 02:36pm 20/12/13
I pretty much log in here daily. Great site and accurate reviews. Merry Christmas to everyone in the Ausgamers crew guys.
Posted 02:56pm 20/12/13
Happy Xmas/New Year AG! Thanks for all the good times and hard work in 2013. Hope you guys have a good holiday.
Posted 02:59pm 20/12/13
Great site and accurate reviews.

it only goes to one decimal place!

have a safe break ya'll!
Posted 03:00pm 20/12/13
Happy new year and merry Christmas. Next year is surely going to be a beauty for gaming! Next Gen releases, spurring PC goodness, indie games going gang busters and publishers crying!
Posted 03:26pm 20/12/13
Merry Christmas all get on it and have fun, what does everyone drink on Xmas day I get smashed off Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer!

I already know what one of my gifts are as I bought it for myself 'Mega Blocks Battlecruiser' can't wait to get my mits on that!
Posted 03:32pm 20/12/13
remember slip slop slap, nerds burn
Posted 03:35pm 20/12/13
Merry Christmas all and have a safe new year! This year has been wonderful for gamers and it will be amazing to see where the industry goes from here. Take it safe out there in the hot sun, it's already too hot in Rockhampton and I only just arrives!

See you awesome folks on the virtual battlefields of the various games we all enjoy!
Posted 03:56pm 20/12/13
Keep off my beach.
Posted 04:44pm 20/12/13
Stay off the roads so there is less traffic for me.
Posted 05:09pm 20/12/13
Cheers for another good year everybody, all the best!
Posted 05:35pm 20/12/13
Great year guys, good stuff, really enjoyed seeing more of Joaby's work on here but let's try to have EVEN MORE Joab on Ausgamers next year!
Posted 07:14pm 20/12/13
Posted 07:18pm 20/12/13
Christmas is 5 days away.
Posted 07:29pm 20/12/13
LOL, fuck you're basic Ty.
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