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Post by Dan @ 11:06am 05/12/13 | 5 Comments
Bungie's hugely ambitious open world shooter Destiny has landed the coveted cover spot on the January issue of Game Informer magazine, and a stack of new details have emerged from the accompanying 14 pages of coverage found within.

As per usual, the Internet has done a fantastic job of summarising all the pertinent bits. Reddit user USplendid has compiled an exhaustive list of bullet points from the coverage, which include more in-depth lore details, a bunch of new information on gameplay specifics, and more new bits and pieces on both competitive and cooperative multiplayer. Here are but a select few:
  • Choosing a class sets a tone by establishing style of abilities: What really determines how you play is how you develop your "focus". Each class (Hunter, Warlock, and Titan) have a class-specific focus.

  • "Focuses" are the primary way we level and improve characters. Each focus advances from level 1 - 20. Within each focus their are tiers for different abilities (passive bonuses, weapon specialty bonuses, grenade types, unique movements like double jump and teleport, melee bonuses).

  • Each focus has a "super ability" associated with it that can also be upgraded.

  • We can switch between focuses: i.e. pick a more competitive focus for pvp and the switch to a more support focus for cooperative.

  • Warlocks: start with a focus called Circle of Night - damage dealing but little protections and the super ability in the nova bomb. Heart of Fusion - a support build that's super ability is called Radiance and call revive and buff allies.

  • Titans: start with a close-quarters focus that has Fist of Havoc. In later upgrades the shockwave can be amplified, adding electric damage over time that remains in place.

  • Hunters: Bounty-Hunter archetype. Stealthiness. You start off with a gunslinger Focus. Special ability is the "Golden Gun" one-shot-kill and the special movement is teleport.

  • There are multiple character slots. So you can try out and play in other roles without having to delete your current character or screw up progression.

  • Guns are not class-specific (weapon perks are dependent on the focus and abilities you invest in).

  • Armor, weapons, and focuses are meant to be synergistic. The Focus you choose should be accented with the appropriate weapons and armor to maximize effectiveness... but that's up to the player.

  • Primary, Secondary, and Heavy weapons use three different color-coded ammo types.

  • Armor is class-specific.

  • Everyone gets a ghost, as well as a customize-able personal vehicle (Sparrow) to travel in open-world environments, and a space ship that will be visible to people when you drop in and out of activities.
There are some new screenshots and art included in the Game Informer article, but those have not yet been made publicly available by Bungie or publisher Activision.

Destiny is due in 2014 for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. Sadly, still no love for PC.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:41am 05/12/13
i've given up hope for a PC release.
Posted 12:47pm 05/12/13
To be honest, I'm not really that exited about it anyway, Rav. Havn't seen anything that looks amazing so far.
Posted 07:51pm 05/12/13
the concept sounds amazing but I fear that all of these "zones" across the planets will boil down to a fairly linear path through a single level per planet with the odd opened area and that's it rendering exploration totally useless and wasted and make returning to past planets a pure grind through the level, I really hope Im wrong and they do more with earth then just old Russia and so on, might even contemplate a ps4 if it does
Posted 01:25am 06/12/13
I cbf without a pc version tbh it looks ok but yeaah
Posted 05:16am 06/12/13
Without a PC release it is a no does not want

Even if they make a PC release i wonder if they will follow fail BF and COD or actually make it skill based with sprint and strafe and shoot?
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