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Post by Eorl @ 12:29pm 03/12/13 | 6 Comments
Starting out as an Xbox 360 title heavily involved with the original Kinect, the now Xbox One exclusive title Ryse: Son of Rome is very much a shadow of its former self thanks to Crytek's very hard work. Shaking the shackles of the camera functions, the medieval title looks to be one of the more graphically interesting games to launch in the new generation of consoles, but can graphics hold up this hack 'n' slash title?

To help us see the way of Rome is Nachosjustice, who comes battle ready with his clunky armour and sharpened sword to see just what Ryse has to offer on the new console.
It’s a shame there appears to be components of the Kinect-only version of Ryse in the final product, which would account for the design that bounces between overly easy and challenging. The almighty power of ‘what could have been’ is difficult to ignore when the Ryse formula works, but in its current form it’s difficult to recommend as a must-own Xbox One title, despite the clear potential that regularly bubbles above the surface.
Check out the full review of Ryse: Son of Rome for more on his thoughts.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:51am 04/12/13
Great review. I feel like I've already played the game ;P
Posted 09:35am 04/12/13
Yeah, biggest problem I had with it was just that it was too easy. Went through on the hardest difficulty my first time through and it wasn't even really *that* much of a challenge. Haven't tried the Legendary difficulty that got unlocked when I finished it yet though.

The co-op multiplayer is pretty fun, but suffers a bit from the same problem, feels very easy. I'm yet to actually fail to finish any of the arenas, let alone even die.

Still, the bits in the single player campaign where you're with a whole phalanx of other legionaires and you're doing formation stuff and giving orders make up for it. And yeah I was suprised the story was so good as well, and even though the campaign was a bit on the short side it covered a lot of ground with heaps of varied locations and stuff. Really hope this becomes a franchise and they build on it for the next one.
Posted 11:43am 04/12/13
Phenominal game. Fighting mechanics are simple yes, however the graphics are jaw dropping and the polish of the whole game rivals some big budget movies. The whole Rome setting is a huge plus for me too. This is way more than a tech demo for me. Probably my favourite launch title so far over both platforms.
Posted 12:16pm 04/12/13
Crytek always polishes their games to a top notch level.

I want to play this, but I have a PC and don't see the need to buy a console.
Posted 09:38am 05/12/13
Dammit, Phar4oh! That's not the point. Go play it.

Khel, you're clearly a more proficient fighter than I am. I actually found myself instinctively pressing Y instead of A for blocking sometimes. Weird. When you're surrounded, though, fighting like a boss, that's when the combat shines.

I actually haven't returned to Dead Rising 3, Ice9ine, but I couldn't stop playing Ryse.

This was definitely a polished experience, badfunkstripe. Sure, there were sporadic bugs, but way too few and far between to mention. I'd love it if they released it on PC. Even more pretty!
Posted 10:51am 05/12/13
Khel, you're clearly a more proficient fighter than I am. I actually found myself instinctively pressing Y instead of A for blocking sometimes. Weird.

Haha, too many Arkham games :p

I still didn't find it be a pushover or anything, it was challenging enough that I really enjoyed it, I guess I was expecting it to be more brutal on the hardest difficulty setting though. And yeah I guess I did make rather liberal use of the cheaty slow time ability, even though I was never entirely sure on the best way to use it. Whether I should use it to fly around like a mad demon and weaken everyone then finish them off outside focus mode, or use it to concentrate on a couple of guys and take them out of the fight completely so I had less to deal with once focus mode ended. Usually I opted for the latter, was a good opportunity to take out those annoying guys with two swords who block and dodge everything and need a multi-part block string to defend against. Hated those guys! I would always forget to block all of their attacks and get hit by the ones after the first attack.

I actually found myself wishing they'd done something like Arkham though where you got an indicator above an enemy when they were attacking so you knew who to block or counter, instead of having to read the animations. Reading the animations was fine when only fighting one or two guys, but when there was like five guys surrounding you, and the screen is shaking as catapaults are firing and other legionaires are running around in the mix, I found it quickly became frustrating to try and pick the timing of the blocks/dodges. Those were usually the times I ended up dying :(
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