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Post by Eorl @ 10:58am 05/10/13 | 5 Comments
Revealed back in late August, BioShock Infinite developer Irrational Games has offered up a new teaser trailer for the first episode of the two part single-player DLC titled Burial at Sea. Featuring an all new narrative that takes players back to the undersea city of Rapture for a new adventure, Burial at Sea will contain Rapture as you’ve never seen it before — a shining jewel at the bottom of the ocean, built almost entirely from scratch in the BioShock Infinite engine.

Of course it isn't just the teaser trailer that has appeared today, with several publications also posting up their hands-on expressions with the first episode, which you can check out a small brief below.
Playing Burial At Sea was a strange experience for me, not least because in theory it's the BioShock Noir that I've longed to see since wandering into the PI's office in BioShock 2 - its original trailer feeling less like something Irrational had made than something I'd inadvertently yanked through a dimensional tear. Sure, in my head, it wasn't Elizabeth smokily asking for a light and Booker gracing her cigarette with a plasmid-fuelled burst of flame from his thumb. Everything else though was terrifyingly close, down to tiny details. My ringtone has long been the main theme from the movie This Gun For Hire. Of all the classic noir posters Irrational could have chosen to homage for Burial At Sea, guess which it picked. Creepy.
What is made clear in the opening minutes of the game is that the player controls a DeWitt who is a private eye in a Rapture and that a femme fatale Elizabeth has hired him to find a missing girl. We also know, thanks to a desk calendar, that the events of Burial at Sea occur on Dec. 31, 1958, the day Rapture's revolution is set to kick off.
The combat mechanics in Burial at Sea, including Plasmids, are very much the same as in prior BioShock installments. However, this time around resource management is much more prevalent than it was in Infinite. On medium difficulty I found myself often running out of bullets and Eve, thus having to conserve my resources to ensure I could make it through to the next area. This was intentional from a gameplay perspective, and I actually found myself getting more out of the combat situations versus the rushed combat mentality of BioShock Infinite.
BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 1 is expected to be released sometime before the end of this year, so check out the teaser trailer below and click the above links for more details on what to expect.

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Posted 11:35am 05/10/13
Nice, I am a fan of the series, hopefully it lives up to the standard in story telling the original game and infinite set.
Posted 12:36pm 05/10/13
Can we get this in the files section? Many thanks.
Posted 12:39pm 05/10/13
Never mind, was only a minute long! What a unique trailer.
Posted 01:45pm 05/10/13
might buy this.
Posted 07:06pm 05/10/13
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