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Post by Dan @ 07:45pm 21/08/13 | 37 Comments
At a live stage event in Cologne, Germany during the Gamescom 2013 expo, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the expected expansion for Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls. A cinematic trailer was screened to attendees, which will hopefully appear online soon, and we'll have more specifics for you on the expansion's contents shortly.

The obligatory new player class is the crusader, a holy-knight type character similar to Diablo 2's paladin, and described as a mid-range melee fighter with a sword and shield focus.

With Diablo defeated, the new big bad is a fallen archangel named Malthael, who takes on the role of the titular Reaper of Souls after returning from the void with a goal of destroying all demons, with no concern for human collateral damage.

The setting is centred around Westmarch, and area designed with a heavy Western European gothic influence, and brimming with new nasties to smite.\

The level cap has been raised to 70, and the loot system is getting another major tweak, referred to as "Loot 2.0" which will reportedly see less frequent magic items dropping, but of a higher quality.

Check out the cinematic trailer and gameplay teaser below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:46pm 21/8/13
F***** sweet, finally some more content on the way.
Posted 07:48pm 21/8/13
S*** yes can't wait for more details
Posted 07:57pm 21/8/13
Is souls a Blizzard euphemism for wallet?
Posted 08:14pm 21/8/13
Loot 2.0 is coming before the expansion.
Loot Runs are the new feature for the expansion which are random half hour long dungeons or something. sounds kinda s*** tbh.
Posted 08:42pm 21/8/13
Hmmm, it does sound like this should all just be a patch fix in regards to mechanics. If its $20 sure, I'll pay for a 2 hour addition, but if they are wanting $60 they won't be seeing my wallet.

I liked Diablo 3, it was fun. My only complaints were the loot system, the story and just the general gameplay designed around a real money auction house. I'm actually going to start playing again in hardcore with a few friends, see how its changed since release.

Oh also, Blizzard really, really needs to make a movie with these damn cinematics.
Posted 08:43pm 21/8/13
That cinematic was jaw dropping and the gameplay is divine. Damn I adore this game. Paragon 100 I'm coming for you before this expac though.
Posted 08:47pm 21/8/13
Hmmm.. To re-boot Diablo 3 for this expansion???
Posted 09:21pm 21/8/13
I'll probably play it since I'm a bit of a blizzard whore, but I'm really hoping loot 2.0 is a decent overhaul of the loot system.
Posted 09:26pm 21/8/13
Loot 2.0 is coming before the expansion. Loot Runs are the new feature for the expansion which are random half hour long dungeons or something. sounds kinda s*** tbh.

Sounds better than playing through story mode over and over to me.
I'll probably play it since I'm a bit of a blizzard whore, but I'm really hoping loot 2.0 is a decent overhaul of the loot system.

Yeh same, I'll probably pay too much for an EB CE and play the f*****g thing. Should get myself a 60 back before its launched I guess...
Posted 09:30pm 21/8/13
Should be good.
Reverend Evil
Posted 09:43pm 21/8/13
Prolly won't bother. I barely had the will to finish the last one. Bring on the next WoW xpac damn-it!
Posted 09:51pm 21/8/13
Prolly won't bother. I barely had the will to finish the last one. Bring on the next WoW xpac damn-it!

Funny that, I didn't finish pandas' first few zones.
Posted 09:51pm 21/8/13
Pass from me. Diablo 3 left a sour taste in my mouth.
Posted 10:35pm 21/8/13
I actually missed the Paladin, so might check this out for the Crusader and if the story is any better then D3.
Posted 12:07am 22/8/13
What's loot 2.0?
Posted 07:44am 22/8/13
Posted 07:45am 22/8/13
As i've read comments around on sites it seems they are charging to fix the game to make it better rather than giving us a game in the first place that worked.

Will see how much expansion is and what's in it.
Posted 09:17am 22/8/13
We want to implement a lot of the new systems and features in a pre-expansion patch for free. That should include Paragon 2.0, Loot 2.0, Loot Runs, and Nephalem Trials. For now, you'll need to purchase the expansion to play as the Crusader, explore Act V, unlock the Mystic, and level up to 70. These details may change as development moves along, but we want some of the core gameplay improvements to be available for everyone.
Posted 08:31am 22/8/13
After watching that video, i may have to install it again tonight
Posted 09:16am 22/8/13
As usual, awesome Blizzard production, even though I have no idea what is going on.
Posted 09:41am 22/8/13
There cinematics are the best in the business. Couple moments I thought they were real actors.
Posted 09:54am 22/8/13
wasnt a huge fan of d3, but damn blizzards cinematics are a treat,
Posted 10:34am 22/8/13
Only reason I'd buy this is for the story but I'll probably just watch it on youtube or something along those lines.
Posted 10:35am 22/8/13
Remove the auction house, then i'll get excited.
Posted 11:47am 22/8/13
With items now being bound to account, the impact of the auction house is reduced significantly - you don't get items being recycled indefinitely anymore.
Posted 02:14pm 22/8/13
nice, the new artisan sounds handy.
Tanaka Khan
Posted 02:24pm 22/8/13
Looks like Vin Diesel
Posted 04:08pm 22/8/13
I got a new phone and lost the authentication app, but I can't be assed sending them a copy of my drivers license to get my games back.

Won't be making that mistake again.
Posted 06:17pm 22/8/13
God I have missed Paladin.....but not hammerdin like this junk. I will try it out, I hope to god they make WP's able to skip acts.

Why we are on the topic, does WOW still have that revive a friend function for a week or so of free play time. Anyone send me one? BattleTag defi#1567 Thinking about starting up again.
Posted 06:30pm 22/8/13
man wish bliz would stop making d3 and focus on making a full length movie about it, their trailers are freakin sweet. they seem to be better at story telling and trailers anyway.
Posted 06:45pm 22/8/13
oh god i forgot about the story telling in diablo 3, i am assuming they have changed that ?

f*** it was terrible

bad guy psychically tells you exactly what he is planning and where it will happen, through the whole game
Posted 08:36pm 22/8/13
Nup. Storytelling hasn't changed a bit.

I reckon they need to up the pace of the game. Action RPGs should be all about the pew.
Posted 08:58pm 22/8/13
so as a returning player i pretty much have no idea about gear etc

are you still mostly looking for the same attributes on items to sell on the auction house like vitality, resist all, %life etc

the game is obviously heaps easier now i just continued off from where i was when i last played like a year ago in act 2 and just solo'd belial pretty easily with my WD which has fairly average to s*** gear i think
Posted 10:36pm 22/8/13
Basically it sounds like they're taking some idea's from PoE lol.

"Build changing legendaries" are something PoE does really well (Take the facebreaker gloves for example)

Loot Runs = Maps from PoE / Torchlight

Not sure why I would bother going back though, unless like all my friends pick it back up and con me into joining them again -_-
Posted 01:10pm 23/8/13
"Build changing legendaries" are something PoE does really well

like diablo 2 did before all of them?

yaeh sweet kappa, doesn't look like that much has changed - still seems everyone is after the same stats on gear
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