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Post by Dan @ 11:48am 15/08/13 | 9 Comments
A teaser page in the Diablo 3 category over on Blizzard's network, has appeared for something called Reaper of Souls, currently featuring a single teaser image with the tagline "Dead, at last, shall spread its wings over all".

The tease is widely speculated as being the first hint at an upcoming expansion for Diablo 3, and given that Blizzard has a scheduled press briefing during next week's Gamescom 2013 event in Cologne, Germany, we're inclined to agree that it seems pretty likely.

Diablo 3 endured a controversial launch, with many former fans of the franchise felling soured by the impact of the game's always-online requirement, and the way in which the auction house fundamentally altered the loot system. An expansion could be a good opportunity to mend some of those fractured opinions.

Diablo 3 is also in the works for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, due in September 2013, and PlayStation 4, coming 2014.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:58pm 15/8/13
Very, very excited to see the unveiling at Gamescom. Bring it!!
Posted 01:04pm 15/8/13
Posted 04:36pm 15/8/13
why can't anyone at AG find their spellchecker/brains before they post news. Almost every news post dudes, it looks way retarded and a little bit unprofessional to boot.
Posted 06:58pm 15/8/13
*yawn* PoE beats d3 in almost every way. Esp since the addition of local servers.
Posted 07:05pm 15/8/13
PoE is so over rated. If you want to play anything that comes remotely close to the Diablo franchise, buy the alpha access to Grim Dawn.
Posted 02:06pm 17/8/13
PoE is good, but I agree with Ice. Totally overrated. The skill diversity is minimal, the combat still feels clunky as hell... Just a shame really cause the systems they've designed such as the end game, skill tree, economy, loot, the way the skill gems work are awesome.
Posted 02:18pm 17/8/13
even in its fairly early alpha form, grim dawn dominates all of them for that cant put it down gotta clear the next area then Ill quit thing that is at the root of all good ARPGs.
Posted 03:44pm 17/8/13
Really wish everyone would stfu about PoE. I can't go anywhere on a forum without someone spewing on about it. If it's such a great game, then why... why are you still feeling it necessary to read up on diablo, and try to sway it's player-base? why are you constantly feeling that you have to do something to get people playing it? just so you know practically everyone that reads "oh, PoE s**** all over that crappy dead game diablo, haha, idiot" is not actually going to be all, "You know.. this guy sounds like he's really switched on, and someone worth listening to. I think i might leave this game i love, and, on his recommendation, go to play this new, obviously superior game." doesn't work that way. If you wanna talk about poe, go to one of it's forums and let the f*****g diablo players play diablo without having to put up with your bs. I'm sure i speak for everyone when i say we don't miss you on diablo.
Posted 06:40pm 17/8/13
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