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Post by Eorl @ 10:50am 09/02/13 | 11 Comments
EA has unveiled registrations for the second round of closed beta testing for their upcoming city-builder title SimCity (thanks Trauma). The new beta round will be running from February 16th 4PM GMT(February 17th 2AM AEST) to February 17th 4PM GMT (February 18th 2AM AEST) and will feature an enhanced beta experience compared to previous testing. You can sign up for beta access over here.

EA has also revealed a new trailer for SimCity, showing off the Limited Edition exclusive content Heroes and Villains. The limited DLC allows you to create organised crime in your city, but also the ability to upgrade your police force to a hero squad.
The Heroes and Villains set changes your gameplay by enabling you to create organised crime in your city and to upgrade your police squad to a superhero! Unlock a criminal mastermind by placing Dr. Vu's Evil Lair in your city. Get rich with high tech development, but then deal with the chaos that Dr. Vu's henchmen create in your city. Defend your city by unlock a supreme superhero. Place Maxis Man's Super Hero HQ and he will fight crime and protect your city.
Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at the action.

(compare all prices)

Latest Comments
Posted 11:54am 09/2/13
If you already have access to beta from last time do you still have access this time?
Posted 12:04pm 09/2/13
Read the license, no thanks. EA can go f*** themself. Half that s*** ain't even legal in Australia anyway.
Posted 12:59pm 09/2/13
Read the license, no thanks. EA can go f*** themself. Half that s*** ain't even legal in Australia anyway.

Care to expand upon that?
Posted 01:16pm 09/2/13
No, I like being vague and dramatic.
Posted 11:21am 17/2/13
i cant play it :(
Posted 09:27pm 17/2/13
Played a couple maps today. It was enjoyable and quite a nice learning curve involved. Couldn't give a s*** about the always online required part, only concern is if they can sort out the server availability as lots of people having issues starting their maps.
Posted 09:50pm 17/2/13
Posted 10:06pm 17/2/13
Got into the beta today, so far I'm enjoying it. Took a few goes to get used to getting building density up to medium across the entire city, but managed 70,000 population by the end of an hour.

I'm definitely keen to purchase at launch if I can avoid the aussie tax.

edit: I also had a zombie outbreak :D
Posted 09:30am 18/2/13
Damn missed this, got my key from the first round.
Posted 11:04am 18/2/13
yeah i got my key the first round and thought i would automatically be in the second round but wasnt :(
Posted 02:20pm 19/2/13
So I found out you can upgrade your Limited Edtion to the Deluxe edition for $20 so which cdkey website do you recommend purchasing from??

Deluxe Edition Upgrade for $20:

I found it for $39 here
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