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Post by Eorl @ 10:48am 03/01/13 | 5 Comments
Following in the footsteps of last years successful Ouya Kickstarter project, publisher PlayJam has today revealed their own Android-based home console, GameStick. According to the Kickstarter page, the TV home console will be priced at $79 and offering an 8GB storage in the quite small USB housing. It will be launching in April 2013, with PlayJam claiming that 200 titles have been identified so far for the console.
GameStick is a small yet powerful, dedicated games console that plugs directly into a TV's HDMI slot and comes with a fully featured Bluetooth controller - ready to go right out of the box. When on the move, the two combine into a single unit, putting big screen gaming right into the pocket. The device will be compatible with other Bluetooth controllers enabling true multi-player functionality.

“We wanted to create a games console that helped further our overriding mission to bring affordable gaming to the big screen”. Says Jasper Smith, CEO PlayJam. “Not only that, we wanted to push the boundaries of what has been achieved up to now by packing sufficient power into the most portable of devices, enabling users to carry that experience with them wherever they go.”
While development for the console has been ongoing for a year now, the team has stated that they are "90% of the way to getting the final pre-production sample in our hands" with pre-production samples expected to arrive in five to six weeks. PlayGame has revealed alongside the console announcement that seven games will be launching with the console, including Supersecret Software's Cannabalt and Madfinger's Shadowgun and Dead Trigger. According to the Kickstarter, the publisher has more than 250 developers that they have worked with, however it hasn't been revealed as to if this will mirror the final release of games.

Currently the tiers on offer for backers range from a simple $10 founders contribution through to the $79 purchase of the console and the ambitious $5000 packages which are currently sold out. You can check out the Kickstarter page for more information including a run down of the production plan which reveals an April 2013 release or check out the sales pitch below for a glimpse at the HDMI TV home console. Currently the campaign is at $50,000 of their $100,000 goal after launching earlier this morning.

Latest Comments
Posted 11:05am 03/1/13
I don't get how putting the stick into a controller suddenly makes this portable?? Where do you see the game?
Looks to be a quite gutless piece of hardware anyway :/
Posted 02:37pm 03/1/13
I think they mean portable as in "it's easy to take to someone else's house" rather than "hey it's like a psp!"
Posted 07:58pm 03/1/13
Oh look, it's everything the OUYA is but without the dumb hardware design.
Posted 09:50pm 03/1/13
Oh look, it's everything the OUYA is but without the dumb hardware design.
Are you serious? The GameStick controller looks awful, and that's the most important part.
Posted 09:59pm 03/1/13
Agreed, that looks like just about the least comfortable design for a controller I've ever seen. The stick itself, on the other hand, seems pretty cool – if it can match performance of current/future top level smartphones/tablets.

What exactly is "dumb" about the hardware design of the OUYA, MrBRAD?
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