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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 06:32pm 13/12/12 | 8 Comments
There's only one more day to go in our feature outlining classic games or franchises we feel would work in the modern or future gaming space for revival purposes, and as I mentioned yesterday, it's all been pretty eclectic so far.

Today's list, however, comes from a bit of a familiar camp, but as I explain in the article proper, when said camp was the dominating force for so long, it's hard not to have a bit of cross-over. But I digress.

So we have three new games for you today, which rounds out the list now to 12 of 15, meaning tomorrow you'll have the full gamut of games we chose, plus a few other surprises mentioned after the break.

Click here to see what made the cut on Day 4.

Latest Comments
Posted 08:15pm 13/12/12
1 more day for the total truth...12 from 12.
Posted 08:18pm 13/12/12
an updated SoM would be interesting, but nobody's done a respectable jrpg for f*****g ages so it would no doubt suck testicles. conker owns.
Posted 08:24pm 13/12/12
wtf is the point of this?
Posted 08:42pm 13/12/12
nostalgia moron. the internet loves that s***. please continue buying medal of duty 8000 because everyone can see the point in that.

seriously it's a list based thing every gaming publication ever does don't break your brain with the WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
Posted 08:43pm 13/12/12
Posted 08:53pm 13/12/12
I would settle for a western release of Secret of Mana 2 on the Ipad in HD. That never made it outside of japan and is a colossal game. It has 3 stories and each one takes between 20 and 30 hours to finish or more.

Also my list of games that need a reboot/another one in the series is rather low. Hexen and Blood HD and i'd be a very happy man.

an updated SoM would be interesting, but nobody's done a respectable jrpg for f*****g ages so it would no doubt suck testicles

That's why i've been hitting the ps2 emulator and running old games in 1920x1080. dragon quest 8 and Final Fantasy 12 look amazing.

last edited by DM at 20:53:37 13/Dec/12
Posted 09:25pm 13/12/12
you using pcsx2?

also final fantasy 10 > 12

last edited by ravn0s at 21:25:23 13/Dec/12
Posted 12:59am 14/12/12
Yeah I am with 5x native res and it runs great. Getting a flat 60 fps but rarely I run into an area that drops to about 50 - 55 or so but that's no big deal. Both FF10 and 12 I have played but I never got more than about half way into 12 before my PS2 stopped reading the disc so never got to finish it. FFX I finished as much as I could outside of beating the dark aeons because bugger that.
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