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Post by Eorl @ 05:15pm 23/10/12 | 9 Comments
Danger Close has released news of a day one patch that many will have to download when the game becomes officially available in Australia on the 25th. The patch notes read like a novel with a quite long list of changes including fixes to both singleplayer and multiplayer issues.
Intrepid players may have noticed word around the Help Center speaking on Medal of Honor Warfighter's Day 1 Patch.

This patch is for consoles as well as PC and includes a multitude of fixes for both the Single-Player and Multiplayer experience, and our team heartily encourages all Medal of Honor Warfighter players to download and install the patch as soon as they are able.
Some of the more interesting bug fixes and changes include being able to add friends and join parties while in-game plus issues with singleplayer normal functioning as easy.

The patch will be available for all platforms and you can check out the full list of notes over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 05:54pm 23/10/12
Does anyone know if the old login from a proxy server trick works with MOH like it did with bf3? Really cbf waiting another day and a half

Posted 06:35pm 23/10/12
Yep works with proxy server, there's also Aussie servers up.
Posted 06:37pm 23/10/12
Very nice.

Posted 06:45pm 23/10/12
26th? Don't you mean 25th for Australians?
Posted 07:24pm 23/10/12
26th? Don't you mean 25th for Australians?

Is indeed the 25th, thought we had been lumped into UK date.
Posted 07:50pm 23/10/12
Origin still and has always said 24th...
Posted 12:59am 24/10/12
I used the VPN. Although I now keep origin in offline mode because when I didn't it returned back to not being able to be played.

I can't connect to MP and I assume it's Origin being offline.

Possible it's just if origin is re-opened a new time with out the proxy it returns to being locked.

I'm enjoying the SP although I'm not really sure what on earth the story is. Like in the middle there's just some mission where you shoot sniper some people in a life boat. I think you're rescuing a hostage to do with the plot... i dunno. I've got a better idea now, but it's a bit cloudy. Doesn't really matter though. There's some good character moments in the cut scenes though. Graphics are pretty decent. I liked the driving missions.

It's generally typical FPS stuff, but it's quite good. I don't think at this stage anyone is going to innovate. That's why I personally like the Crysis games, because at least the suit ads some variety.
Posted 12:45am 25/10/12
Played some MP.

Graphics are for lack of a better word shit.

Advanced graphic options like texture/mesh ect make no difference.

Looks out of date and like trash. Where as the SP looks great.

So either for what ever reason these aren't activated in the PC game. Or we are getting the exact same graphics as console for MP.

The menu system is overly complex and not intuitive.

Furthermore. The whole fire team buddy system. If you're randomly assigned partner leaves. You can't join up with someone else not in one. In one map I was in there was two of us not in fire teams. We couldn't join up and the server was full. SO LAME.

MP is not fit for release on PC in it's current state.
Posted 01:26am 25/10/12
thanks for the quick review, gonna wait this one out for a bit...
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