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Post by Dan @ 10:20am 27/07/12 | 12 Comments
Square Enix has revealed the details of their expected "version 2.0" revamp of the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, which it claims has been rebuilt from the ground up and now officially re-branded as "A Realm Reborn".
“Since announcing our plans for the future of the title last October, we have been working tirelessly to include all of the elements that we have promised in FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn, which we announced today. This new title not only becomes a symbol of a completely new FINAL FANTASY XIV, but also marks the beginning of a new stage as the latest title in the FINAL FANTASY series. I hope you’re looking forward to it!” said Naoki Yoshida, Producer/Director of FINAL FANTASY XIV.
The announcement explains that A Realm Reborn will focus on the "core concept or rebirth", and will feature "a new world to explore and storyline to experience".

Watch the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn "The Fate of Eorze" Trailer below, or head over to for more details. The update is in the works for both PC and PlayStation 3.

Latest Comments
Posted 07:37am 29/7/12
Looks cool
Posted 08:01am 29/7/12
Looked a lot like Skyrim
Posted 02:00pm 29/7/12
If only it would look like it does in that CGI trailer, I might be interested.
Posted 03:23pm 29/7/12
I purchased ff14 on release, Most broken game ever released, Pretty sure I read somewhere they are making ff14 players who originally bought the game, Re-buy it...
Posted 04:15pm 29/7/12
I had the $120 CE all ready pre-ordered but after playing the closed beta for a few hours I cancelled it and got my money back. What a shonky game it was. As a whole though I wish they'd stop making FF games, or at least only focus on 1 at a time. Really sick of them when they have other awesome series that they could be focusing on like Legend of Dragoon or the Secret of Mana series.
Posted 04:19pm 29/7/12
If they gave two s**** about about there fans, They would just remake FF7 and be done with it, Simple.
Posted 04:47pm 29/7/12
ffx was my favourite a remake of that would be awesomeness
Posted 04:47pm 29/7/12
I know but they flat out refuse to do it. Last I heard was that they will never do another FF7 remake until they make a game that is as loved and well received as it. Which will never happen since no game could live up to the hype and amazement people have of that game.
Posted 04:55pm 29/7/12
i want them to make an FF game that is similar in appearance and gameplay as FF7, FF8 and FF9.

Posted 04:58pm 29/7/12
FF7, 8,,9,10 HD.
Posted 04:59pm 29/7/12
FFX HD is in development. probably wont be released for a while though.
Posted 05:20pm 29/7/12
I played ff10 on ps2, really didn't think much of It. But after playing FF7, Any FF felt s*** after it.
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