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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:52pm 26/06/12 | 6 Comments
Just after E3 closed its doors, AusGamers was invited out to a MLG (Major League Gaming) event in Anaheim, California, to sit in on a press conference revealing new multiplayer units for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, play the game and also interview lead software engineer, Alan Dabiri.

Our interview is still in production (so stay tuned), but in the meantime we've put together a hands-on with the new units (that is sadly void of in-depth analysis due to my not being amazing at the game), but also comes with a nifty link to official Blizzard details on all of the new additions to the forthcoming expansion as of June, 2012. We've also added a host of new screens you can check out via the thumbnails below.

Click here for our hands-on feature though.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:30pm 26/6/12
I was a bit worried about this but I really like the new units. The Protoss Tempest is particularly bad ass.
I wonder what new units the Legacy of the Void expansion will include?

You need to correct something in this article though.

Interestingly absent from the hands-on portion of the game, and even from the trailer and press conference showing off the new units, was the ability to “creep spread”, a new Zerg ability, which lets you create something of a Zerg super-highway into opponent bases.

There is nothing new about creep spread, it has been in StarCraft II since the beginning. The new visual for it was also shown in the recent Battle Report.
Posted 07:34pm 26/6/12
Where those beta key invites Farrelly! i know your hiding them!
Posted 07:49pm 26/6/12
speaking of, where's hoggy gone?
en route to go postal at blizzard hq?
Posted 07:50pm 26/6/12
Where those beta key invites Farrelly! i know your hiding them!

^^ ... looking forward to this.
Posted 08:56pm 26/6/12
The creep spread part is about the new nydus worm that is meant to spread creep instead of transport units.

As a terran I'm less interested in this than I expected.

From a release stand point, this looks like it is ages away, not completing the unit looks is a big deal for Blizzard... unless they decide to do a D3 and make major changes and then release really quickly after during the beta.
Posted 01:32am 27/6/12
As a terran I'm less interested in this than I expected.
Terran to me, after around 4000-5000 starcraft 2 games (about 50% on each US and SEA), always seemed to be the most well rounded race with zerg being the least well rounded.

Although it's a subjective thing, because one could argue that zerg by design could be less well rounded because their flexibility comes from their production and reaction rather than varied unit types.

I'd hope though that the patch does a lot to increasing the complexity of the game - i always felt like they dumbed down the basics of the game by increasing the AI cleverness with smartcasting and auto-casting etc, and the shear number of units and the relatively few units with active skills. I thought potentially that too could be by design as each patch could be introducing more complex concepts in the gameplay with more units or more skills to use the units.

Either way i'm pretty excited. I was always one of those guys in the past who'd say vanilla starcraft was better than SC:BW, just because the extra units made it complicated, and same with WC3 vs WC3TFT, but then 6-12 months after the release of the expansion i'd love the changes so much, without even noticing until i'd go try and play without the expansion and be confused and bored!
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