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Post by Dan @ 04:51pm 22/06/12 | 10 Comments
Kicking off the latest live-streamed Nintendo Direct conference, the Japanese tech giant has confirmed the rumours and revealed the latest addition to their portable console line, the expected plus-sized 3DS XL.

The main points of note are a 90% increase in screen size over the original 3DS (but over an inch wider in overall device size) and improved battery life, with a bit more weight (336g).

We don't have any Australian specific release details yet and it's a little tough to predict as other international territories are all over the place. Europe and Japan will see the device on July 28th, but it won't ship with an AC Adapter (puzzlingly, you'll have to purchase one separately, or use one from an existing DS/3DS). Whereas North America won't be seeing it under a few weeks later on August 19th (the launch day of New Super Mario Bros. 2) but US customers will at least get an AC adapter in the box.

The launch colours for each territory are also inconsistent, with black, red and blue for North Americans and blue, red or silver for Euros.

For the complete low-down, check out the North American Nintendo Direct presentation in it's 21 minute entirety here on AusGamers.

Latest Comments
Posted 04:54pm 22/6/12
And no second analogue control? I thought they learned that lesson after they had to release the chunky circle pad addon thing for the original 3DS.
Posted 08:57pm 22/6/12
That would make the original 3DS completely redundant, with the owners raging a second time round. Which would've been balls out!
Posted 05:15pm 22/6/12
I don't really care about the AC adapter but it would be nice it they included a cable for charging via USB.
Posted 07:26am 23/6/12
Meh I'm selling my 3DS to my mate, I don't know why I keep falling for these handheld consoles I never play them
Posted 10:56am 23/6/12
gameboy hasnt been cool since i was 10
Posted 11:22am 23/6/12
tspec you can buy USB cables to charge them for like $1 off ebay. I did.
Posted 01:46pm 23/6/12
Im playing my gameboy advance SP I got off ebay a year or so ago. Would be great if they bothered to make everything backwards compatible or have classic games on their stores.
Posted 05:41pm 23/6/12
tspec you can buy USB cables to charge them for like $1 off ebay. I did.

Yeah, I have got one, I should really get a couple more.

Would be great if they bothered to make everything backwards compatible or have classic games on their stores.

That's one thing I loved about the original DS, being able to play all my GBA games.

I have been considering buying an old DS Lite as I assume the screen is a bit brighter (in terms of backlighting) than the original but not sure by how much. There's a massive difference in brightness between the original and the DSi though.
Posted 06:20pm 23/6/12
3DS is backwards compatible with DS games, I've played the professor layton games on mine
Posted 06:53pm 23/6/12
I was a little bummed about the lack of a second analogue stick, but meh, I still want one. I'll wait until I've tried a demo unit first, but the DSi XL is just so much nicer than the DSi/DS Lite, I suspect this one will be just as much of an improvement.

I bet we'll be reamed on the price though.
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