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Post by Dan @ 08:28am 05/06/12 | 10 Comments
We've seen and heard quite a bit about EA Maxis' upcoming new SimCity, but all of the videos until now have been heavily labelled as early prototype footage, merely to demonstrate the underlying simulation technology.

Today however, at their e3 press conference, EA have offered up the first proper look at the game in action.
Powered by the GlassBox Engine, Maxis’ proprietary engine, the simulation comes to life in a way never before possible. Everything you see in the world we sim - Sims in each city will have jobs or can lose them, buy homes, be prosperous or be an economic drain on the city. SimCity is the city builder in which every choice powers real change that affects the character of your city, the state of your region and fellow players within the entire SimCity world. Original fans and newcomers alike will relish the opportunity to build visually and functionally unique cities that take on the character of their choices. Combining fun, addictive gameplay elements with an interface that encourages anyone to jump in and begin playing, SimCity will usher forth a new era of city-building simulation as players work to change a world together.
Watch the video below or here in our HD vid library.

SimCity is due in February 2013 on PC.

Latest Comments
Posted 09:26am 05/6/12
Looks awesome. Haha @ the scene with the godzilla. Can't wait.
Posted 09:29am 05/6/12
Sigh. So many games, not enough hours in the day.
This is going to kill my social life in 2013.

Well. Kinda. Oh get stuffed.
Posted 09:43am 05/6/12
Looks good. Seems to be quite a bit of tilt shift happening in the trailer which gives it a nice effect.
Posted 09:57am 05/6/12
Curved Roads finally! It's looking good. Would be interesting to see if you could create an isolationist city (ie you don't connect to Sim Nation) that has no/extremely limited other world influence - no air travel, no connecting roads, utilities, no shipping, no media etc.. or maybe the multiplayer effect is in fact forced in that regard and you have to have external influence.

Looking forward to this one
Posted 10:01am 05/6/12
Sounds like you want to build an Amish community.
Posted 10:20am 05/6/12
They were placing buildings at 1:10, bit of a change from zoning.
Posted 10:21am 05/6/12
Just read on destructoid that you are stuck with one city for the whole game. Whether this is true, i guess we'll have to wait and see.
Posted 10:51am 05/6/12
Might have to take February off work, Carmageddon and Simcity all on the same month :(
Posted 12:04pm 05/6/12
Yeah tspec, i'll be building an Amish Paradise just like the Weird Al song :P

One city for the whole game, well hopefully that is one city on each playthrough and not one city per account fullstop.
Posted 01:16pm 05/6/12
Want... even more.
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