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Post by Dan @ 03:12pm 10/05/12 | 6 Comments
We've seen and heard a lot about single-player gameplay in Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines, but multiplayer reveals haven't been much more than brief exhibits of co-op and generic deathmatch. Today, however, the PlayStation Blog has crowd-sourced a bunch of questions from PS3 fans all about multiplayer, and while the developer is still stopping far short of full-disclosure, they managed quite a bit of new information in response.

Gearbox Multiplayer Producer Chris Brock reconfirms both four player co-operative with splitscreen as an option on the consoles and competitive multiplayer with several modes, but only mentions death match and won't commit to specifics such like map numbers.

He explains that this is an Aliens game and we definitely won't be seeing any predators, and unlike in the Aliens vs Predator games, players controlling the wall and ceiling-crawling Xenomorphs will do so from a third person perspective to reduce disorientation.

On the topic of customisation for both human and alien characters, Brock doesn't go into specifics but does boast that there will be "a wide amount of customisation in both appearance and abilities".

Aliens: Colonial Marines is due on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Spring 2012 (US Fall).

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Latest Comments
Posted 03:53pm 10/5/12
I like the idea of it but I am not sure if it will pan out. I hope they release some solid multiplayer video of it before its released.
Posted 04:18pm 10/5/12
I'm still weary of these games since the previous Alien vs Predator burnt me. Will have to see how it plays out in the coming months.
Posted 05:01pm 10/5/12
I'm still cautiously optimistic, Aliens VS Predator 2 (2001) was quite good, even the multiplayer was hectic fun. It's a shame that the property has been so badly abused in both games and movies. I really do hope it does well, but i have to admit i can't expect much.

EDIT: Also; Any kind of co-op Horde mode would be SUPER fitting and a must have.
Posted 05:09pm 10/5/12
I'm looking forward to this, even though I'll be disappointed.
Posted 05:10pm 10/5/12
here's hoping
Posted 05:43pm 10/5/12
The only way this is a buy for me is if they have a zombie type mode. It's a perfect match for the game and series so without it I won't risk losing money again like I did on the last AvP game.
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