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Post by Dan @ 05:51pm 28/03/12 | 8 Comments
In an interview with RipTen, InXile's founder and figurehead of the successful Kickstarter campaign for Wasteland 2, has explained that they won't be paying any mind to newcommers when developing the game, "I’m simply not going to worry about how I get these console guys to come over and like it, because there is no reason to' he said, clarifying that “It’s not a putdown on the console product, it’s just that I’m not going to worry about how to get [fans of other genres].”.

As the game has already been funded by fans of this very specific type of game (now currently over US$1.6million), the developer has the luxury of not needing to comprimise core-targetted features in order to cater accessibility to a broader market.

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Posted 08:04pm 28/3/12
Posted 09:01pm 28/3/12
it's good to see a game dev not 'dumb down' interfaces/control schemes for the sake of 'console-ising' a game... That being said, this does sound like the usual sorta marketing chaff that usually comes with a 'PC Only' title these days...

Time will tell.
(also, having missed 'Wasteland' is it worth revisiting? I don't mind dated games, but if it's Zork worthy I might give it a miss...)
Posted 09:19pm 28/3/12
The difference is, this has all been paid for. No Big nobs in suits saying what they can or cant do.
Posted 10:49pm 28/3/12
Love the honestly, I think he's really enjoying not having some publisher types messing his s*** up.
Posted 11:23pm 28/3/12
also, having missed 'Wasteland' is it worth revisiting?

It's worth a spin for nostalgia sake, as long as you don't expect too much.
Think Ultima IV & Bard's Tale III crossed with Fallout.
I usually find delving that far back into RPG history can be frustrating. Not because the games are necessarily bad, but because of all the conveniences and nuances added to later RPGs that have a tendency to spoil the player.
Posted 12:05am 29/3/12
Go play Fallout 1&2, play a super intellegent guy, play a super dumb guy, play a crack shot with ranged weapon, play a melee guy, play a theify type dude, play a super lucky guy, play a highly charasmatic guy with high speech... O the list can go on.

Fallout 1&2 will give you a much better experience then Wasteland. Wasteland was great back in its day, but that day was long ago.
Posted 01:07am 29/3/12
I'm excited because when Brian Fargo says "We're making a sequel to Wasteland", I'm sure he really means "We're making a sequel to Fallout 1&2 but we can't call it that because Bethesda owns the IP".

Fallout 1&2 will give you a much better experience then Wasteland.

No doubt, but the comparison is unfair as there was nearly 10 years between releases.
Wasteland is from the C64/386/DOS3.3 era and Fallout games were Windows 95/98 around when the Pentium II debuted.
Posted 09:41am 29/3/12
The comparison as to which will give a better experience is valid.
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