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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:10am 07/11/11 | 23 Comments
Well, at least in an advertising sense. Activision released their "There's a Soldier in All of Us" video for Modern Warfare 3 over the weekend, which stars Sam Worthington and Jonah Hill as "Vet" and "n00b", respectively.

The advertising campaigns behind the CoD series have been pretty damn good since Modern Warfare 2 and this year is no different. It's a pretty funny video too, though it's becoming increasingly harder to accept Jonah Hill as a thin funny man, but hey, all the power to him :)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 launches in Australia from midnight tonight on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Watch the video embedded below, or click here to catch it in HD.

Latest Comments
Posted 11:20am 07/11/11
hey that fat guy is all skinny
Posted 11:25am 07/11/11
Where the hell has Sam Worthington been? Ever since his string of films he hasn't been on the big screen. What gives?

Video was good :).
Posted 11:29am 07/11/11
i think this is his next film. doesn't look too bad.

Posted 11:40am 07/11/11
That was a pretty awesome trailer, almost makes me want to buy the game ... almost.
Posted 11:40am 07/11/11
That actually was pretty funny, mucho enjoyment.
Posted 11:51am 07/11/11
I want to dislike this, but I just can't help liking it.
Posted 12:06pm 07/11/11
Still wouldn't play it.
Posted 12:09pm 07/11/11
Jonah Hill looks different...not super bad enough. Makes me sad, I enjoyed the d*** drawings.
Posted 12:38pm 07/11/11
Jonah Hill looks different...not super bad enough. Makes me sad, I enjoyed the d*** drawings.

Ohhh i bet you did!

Man on a ledge, can't help but assume its a parody movie title until you actually watch the trailer.
Posted 01:37pm 07/11/11
Ohhh i bet you did!

Man on a ledge, can't help but assume its a parody movie title until you actually watch the trailer.

Big vein, triumph ones are my favourite.
Posted 02:55pm 07/11/11
Pretty awesome vid. Doesn't fix their dedi servers though.
Posted 03:19pm 07/11/11
That ad is pretty cool, doesn't really show off the game at all though. As far as ads that actually make me excited about the game, BF3 wins this round hands down.
Posted 04:04pm 07/11/11
I think one of Jonah Hill's main motivations for all the weight loss was 21 Jump Street, quite an impressive amount of weight he dropped.

Posted 04:27pm 07/11/11
ahah, that 21 jump st looks awesome

The GuVna
Posted 05:03pm 07/11/11
The scene in the plane when they were they are shooting in the air, that's not because of the gravity of the descending plane, it's the server changing hosts...
Posted 05:20pm 07/11/11
Love the Ad but will never play the game.
Posted 05:25pm 07/11/11
wasnt that good, explosions and s***. meh
Posted 08:01pm 07/11/11
relax man, it's just a commercial...
Posted 08:39pm 07/11/11
Wicked video, but they were smart not to include any actual gameplay.
Posted 09:30pm 07/11/11
Jonah Hill makes me want to have nothing to do with that game.

Jonah Hill = Julia Morris = Not funny.
Posted 10:32pm 07/11/11
Jonah Hill looks like a teenage Tom Sizemore.
Posted 11:02pm 07/11/11
I thought he looked like a fat version of tobey maguire at first...
Reverend Evil™
Posted 01:04am 08/11/11
I reckon MW3 will be more fun in multiplayer than BF3. I'd rather play on smaller tight maps than the huge ones BF3 has with planes and s***. Although I won't be buying it anyway. But if I did I'd rather play that than BF3.
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