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Post by trog @ 03:54pm 05/10/11 | 12 Comments
As part of a pre-BlizzCon promotion designed (apparently) to torture us, Blizzard have unveiled a teaser image of a new Terran unit that will be making its way into the upcoming expansion for StarCraft 2, Heart of the Swarm.

No other information is available about the new units, but we'll see two more silhouettes released in the weeks building up to BlizzCon:
New silhouettes for the Zerg and Protoss will be unveiled on the official StarCraft Facebook page on October 10 and October 17, respectively. What are they, and how do they fight? The answers will come at BlizzCon. These three units, as well as the rest of the new Heart of the Swarm multiplayer units and abilities, will be unveiled and playable at the show on October 21 and 22.
AusGamers will be at BlizzCon again this year to bring the news as it comes out; no doubt as always it will be big event so stay tuned!

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Latest Comments
Posted 04:51pm 05/10/11
Looks like Geth.
Posted 04:54pm 05/10/11
It's a buff short circuit
Posted 06:13pm 05/10/11
Clearly it's a battle SCV

1) Claw over his head for repairing on the field
2) Shield in his left hand to protect from danger
3) Some kind of plasma fixy-upper-dooby for BF style engineering fixing making tanks/mech invincible.

(NFI really).

edit: any reason that you want us to go to an external image on the same site (more or less) rather than post it like this:
Posted 06:06pm 05/10/11
Morphed hellion.
Posted 06:58pm 05/10/11
^^ oo nice pick, can kinda see the wheels!
Posted 07:00pm 05/10/11
Morphed hellion

Now that you've said that, I can fully see it but now I can't stop thinking of Go-Bots. Thanks.
Posted 07:09pm 05/10/11
yeah looks like say you could morph the hellion into a 'firebat' type unit from the campaign would be pretty cool
Posted 08:30pm 05/10/11
Yeah i kind of agree, and frankly I somewhat remember talk about this a long time ago.. like maybe something that was scrapped from the beta.
Posted 11:56pm 05/10/11
agree with bonnici, you can see 4 wheels
Posted 02:56am 06/10/11
When several terran units combine they form captain kick arse dude. He's Our hero, gonna take the zerg down to zero.
Posted 10:07am 06/10/11
Optimus Prime
Posted 01:30pm 18/10/11

New Protoss unit

Because Protoss need another OP air unit...
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