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Post by Zapo @ 10:37pm 23/09/11 | 17 Comments
Blizzard have announced that Diablo III will not make a 2011 release date, and will instead be released in 2012.
We commonly use the term “soon” when referring to Blizzard releases, because we know that no matter how hard we’re working to reach a target, we’re not going to compromise and launch a game before it’s ready. For Diablo III, we were aiming to launch by the end of 2011. As we’re announcing globally today, our new target for the game is early 2012.
The full article is on with a post from Blizzard President Mike Morhaime. promoted forum item

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Tim Tibbetts
Posted 10:39pm 23/9/11
I was a little surprised to be honest as I thought given the beta was out now it would be ready in December. Still, I think we would all rather an early 2012 release date with a polished game then something rushed out. My two cents is the 'real money' auction house is probably to blame.
Posted 10:52pm 23/9/11
I'm not suprised at all, I would be suprised if they actually had released it this year. This always happens to Blizzard games, not saying its a bad thing, I'm glad they have the balls to push it back and keep working on it rather than release it half assed, but its pretty much par for course for Blizzard releases.
Posted 10:59pm 23/9/11
Yeah not to surprised, but can see it being due to the RMT system they are putting in place. Though bit odd with the beta, but maybe it slowly unlocks certain things to test?
Posted 11:06pm 23/9/11
Posted 11:18pm 23/9/11
Aw man... Bloody RMT auction house slowing down the game. Rather have it later than sooner and buggy
Posted 01:06am 24/9/11
Blizzard time for soon is somewhere between now and the end of time. Blizzard time for very soon is somewhere between now and soon. In other words, never expect anything and like usual, they'll finish it when they're done. Generally speaking blizzard have always delayed their new release games. It really doesn't seem to hurt them at all.
Tim Tibbetts
Posted 06:50am 24/9/11
Blizzard, just give me a beta invite and all is forgiven :)
Posted 09:50am 24/9/11
Oh the humanity...
Posted 10:54am 24/9/11
I was thinking it'd be at least 6 months after these betas happen before any chance of release, guess it's looking that way now.

Though having watched the videos... I'm not sure I'll be playing it anyway.
Posted 11:10am 24/9/11
Posted 12:48pm 24/9/11
Please be the first half of 2012! I'm frothing
Posted 01:21pm 24/9/11
I'm happy its not going to come out yet. Too many other games to buy and play through first.
Posted 03:20pm 24/9/11
for gamers the 6 months is looking good.s*** loads coming out
Posted 04:38pm 24/9/11
Mmmm well one thing that stands out in my mind about D2 was the large number of gameplay related bugs the game had. I hope due to the complexity of D3 that they will keep working on this aspect of the game well after its release date as bug fixing was one of the lacking aspects of the many D2 patches. So yeah, polish the hell out of this game imo.
Posted 10:23pm 24/9/11
Bah... The flying spaghetti monster doesn't want me to buy a new computer.

I'm waiting for D3, GW2 or maybe SWTOR to be released as the 'need' for me to upgrade my machine.
Posted 02:53am 25/9/11
I (while being a little bit of a fan boy) am not surprised to see this. Though leaving behind the Christmas sales is big. Glad to see Blizzard stick to quality over sales.

Either way, gives me more time to destroy my soul getting beat down in Dark Souls.
Posted 09:21am 25/9/11
yeah i think this game is above christmas sales, whenever it comes out it's going to sell big
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