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Post by The GuVna @ 01:09pm 21/07/11 | 11 Comments
With Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 being revealed today for the 2011 San Diego Comic Con, it looks like an accidental cut 'n paste on their official website revealed the remaining 8 new characters originally planned to be announced at later dates. (Page now corrected, but alas damage has been done).

Characters Doctor Strange, Frank West, Iron Fist, Nemesis, Nova, Phoenix Wright, Rocket Raccoon and Vergil's bio images were revealed, & can be found from this source.

Here is some of the main changes noted by player "fLoE":
• Delayed Hyper Cancel glitch removed
• Exchange Glitch removed
• You can now X-factor in the air.
• Phoenix can only have one action per jump... meaning one fireball then she floats down.
• Characters now say something upon entering the screen when the previous character died.
• Many of the returning cast has new moves, or moves that act differently, (Ryu's Hyper Fireball now bounces off of walls, Taskmaster and Spencer are shown with new moves.)
• Active Player's life bar larger & easier to see in hud.
As for the officially anounced characters, we have Marvel's Ghost Rider and Hawkeye and Capcom's Strider and Firebrand (a Ghosts n' Goblins baddie). You can see them all in action in the following gameplay trailers:Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is due on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in November 2011 for a "mid range price".

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:28pm 21/7/11
Firebrand (a Ghosts n' Goblins baddie).
He actually had his own series of spin-off games. There were two Gargoyle's Quest games on the Game Boy, and Demon's Crest on the SNES.
Posted 01:41pm 21/7/11
Cheers Guv, hope you don't mind me re-purposing the thread a bit :)
Posted 02:59pm 21/7/11
So this is going to be a standalone game or a DLC?

The only character i'm interested in is Ghost Rider, so i don't think i'll end up getting this if it's the former. I guess it depends how much this "mid price range" really is.
Posted 03:03pm 21/7/11
Standalone "mid priced" game.
Posted 03:09pm 21/7/11
I suck at MvC3, and after watching videos of people who are good at it, I'm way too scared to ever play it again. Its an entertaining game to watch though.
Posted 04:11pm 21/7/11
I suck at MvC3, and after watching videos of people who are good at it, I'm way too scared to ever play it again. Its an entertaining game to watch though.
I know the feeling Khel, especially when you could lose the entire game if you make 1 mistake, check this bs out:

That's not even top level tournament play. S***'s broken.
Posted 04:16pm 21/7/11
Yeah, was just watching this yesterday and sometimes all you gotta do is like get hit by one combo and its like oh sorry, your whole team is dead. Also, the guy totally destroying Mike Ross is playing on a pad, which makes it even more insane.

Might have to skip past all the ads and s*** at the start. Skip to 2:15 for some utter rape.
Posted 04:41pm 21/7/11
haha @ mike ross, he's was so awkwardly funny in that video.
The GuVna
Posted 05:48pm 21/7/11
Damn nice ninja editing Mr Dan.

I grew to dislike MVC3 over time as it was I just found it was all about combo memory & abusing glitches, & Fixah's vid highlights just how extreme the game can be taken with those "fundamentals" lying in the core of the game.

That said, if they've fixed/balanced up the game, I might have to get it, because it now has Frank West... :)
Posted 07:49pm 21/7/11
I still feel like a lot of these characters should have been released in MVC3, but then again profiting through DLC's due to a lack of initial content is almost becoming standard practice within the industry. In this case, it's not even a DLC and Capcom are shamelessly slapping "Ultimate" on it making MVC3, a relatively new game at that, completely obsolete by the time UMVC3 comes out. Will people playing MVC3 be able to play against those playing UMVC3? Given there's gameplay changes I doubt it.

That's what i call a sell out act (literally).
Posted 01:35am 22/7/11
Isn't it the same thing they did with SSFIV though?
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